About us

I/ Our mission

We at TheCoolGloves aim to assist our readers in finding their own “perfect” pair of gloves among hundreds of others on the market.

II/How we accomplish our mission

We know that most of our readers lead a busy and hectic life, which doesn’t leave them enough time to do much research about their wanted gloves, let alone go through dozens, even hundreds of them to find the right pair. Even if they do have time, it’s almost impossible to test the validity of the seller’s claims and reading hundreds or thousands of customer reviews only adds to the confusion.

Here at TheCoolGloves, we provide the best collections of gloves, ranging from fashion gloves, sports gloves and more, for both male and female, all of which have gone through hours of research and hundreds of tests of quality. By doing this, we wish to offer our readers a closer and honest look at what we think are the best gloves that our reader might be searching for.

Our procedure includes:

  • Find out about our customers’ demands and common inquiry about categories of gloves.
  • Make a preliminary collection filled with the most popular and highest-rated gloves in that category by reading other customers’ reviews.
  • Buy and test out the sellers’ claims as well as customers’ opinions
  • Re-select the best of ones
  • Create the official collection with detailed, in-depth analysis of the chosen products.

III/ Our values

Honesty. We pride ourselves in our unbiased views on what we believe are the best gloves for our readers’ money. We are not money-driven and do not associate with any vendors to recommend low-quality gloves to our readers for profit. What’s more, we do not trust anyone’s claims regarding the products until we have actually tested them out.

Meticulous. We believe that it takes at least from 3 weeks to 2 months, even more to thoroughly grasp the features, pros and cons of the gloves and decide whether they can make it to our list. Furthermore, we know that the market is always changing with new products launched and old ones disposed of. Therefore, we always update our collections every year in the search for new and improved products.

Friendliness. We are neither scientists nor researchers, but simply friendly advisors who happened to have tested out enough gloves to help our readers on their search for the “perfect” pair of gloves. We use informal writing and personal experiences that can be relatable to many so that they can feel like talking to a friend.

If there are things you want that aren’t on our websitekindly email us if you need help. We’re always ready to get your back.