The Coolest Black Gloves for Men (Updated 2021)

There are several reasons why black gloves are commonly chosen by males instead of those in other colors. First off, most men’s wardrobes consist of standard colors, with black comprising a large proportion.

Therefore, it’s understandable to choose a pair of black gloves for easy mix and match. Second, there’s something about black gloves that screams power, authority, and elegance. Things might go in and out of fashion, but seemingly not black gloves.

Having acknowledged that, I have searched the market and finally made a list of the top black gloves in each category, including leather gloves, driving gloves, dress gloves, or sports gloves. These gloves are of various materials, with different characteristics, functions, strengths, and weaknesses to hopefully cater to your demand. Let’s check them out.

Here are the 12 best black gloves for men in the market


Winter Leather Gloves

Fratelli Orsini Everyday Leather Gloves
  • Brand: Fratelli Orsini Everyday
  • Size: Available all
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Winter Black Gloves SANKUU Black PU Leather Gloves
  • Brand: SANKUU
  • Size: Available all
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 Touchscreen Gloves
LAOWWO Black PU Leather Gloves
  • Brand: LAOWWO
  • Size: Available all
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 Duty Gloves Pratt and Hart Police Duty Gloves
  • Brand: PRATT & HART
  • Size: Available all
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Cosplay Gloves

Medieval Gauntlet Leather Cosplay Gloves
  • Brand: 786Gloves
  • Size: Available all
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Thick Gloves LETHMIK Men’s Gloves
  • Brand: LETHMIK
  • Size: Available all
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 Winter Gloves

Beechfield Basic Fingerless Gloves
  • Brand: Beechfield
  • Size: Available all
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 Driving Gloves Wepop Black Fingerless Faux Leather Gloves
  • Brand: Wepop
  • Size: Available all
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Tactical Gloves

Accmor Fingerless Tactical Gloves
  • Brand: Accmor
  • Size: Available all
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Tactical Gloves Touchscreen ILM Motorcycle Gloves
  • Brand: ILM
  • Size: Available all
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 Gloves Mens

Burton Men’s Gore-Tex Glove
  • Brand: Burton
  • Size: Available all
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Men's Golf Glove

Nike Dura Feel VIII Men’s Golf Glove
  • Brand: Nike
  • Size: Available all
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1: Fratelli Orsini Everyday Men’s Black Leather Gloves

Winter Leather Gloves

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When someone asks me about a pair of gloves that look and feel high-class but won’t cost you as much, I almost always mention these Fratelli Orsini Everyday gloves.

Made from lambskin leather that is soft and supple with a dull sheen to it, the gloves have a classic and subtle look, perfect for daily wear. With their classic tailoring, these gloves would be a great accent for your blazers, coats, or jackets or just featuring in the glove compartment of your car. The leather also provides a tacky grip that would turn out necessary for driving.

The inside of the gloves is a soft cashmere lining, which is relatively thin at about 1/8 inches. Considering that they are fairly thin compared to synthetic ones, I was quite impressed by how warm these gloves are, capable of keeping warm down to about 20°F. The elastic near the wrist also helps to prevent the wind from creeping inside.

The size is quite snug at first, especially around the palm, but the gloves will stretch out a bit over time to conform comfortably to the hand. However, the finger length is rather long while the thumb is proportionally short. Likewise, the cuff is also a bit on the short side and might not long enough to cover your whole wrist. So my advice is to go for one size up if you like the gloves to cover your entire wrist.

Moreover, these gloves are made mainly for casual wearing or driving, and not for heavy-duty or rough tasks. They are too beautiful for hard works anyway. All things being said, these are one of your best bets for a high-quality pair of Italian black leather gloves at this price range.

There is a lot that you need to know if you want to become a true leather gloves “connoisseur”. This article will tell you everything you need to know.

2: SANKUU Men’s Black PU Leather Gloves

Winter Black Gloves

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Don’t be fooled by the price range, the quality of these Sankuu black gloves might surprise you.

These gloves from Sankuu are made from soft polyurethane leather, which is more convenient to clean and maintain. The inside is lined with warm and soft fur, though it might shed a bit at first. In terms of look, these are definitely classy and good looking gloves, especially when matched with a leather jacket.

Although the leather is quite thin, the insulation is thick enough to remain warm down to around 25°F. These gloves might not be warm enough for cold-weather cycling or riding, but would be excellent for casual wear, driving or lower activities on a cold day. Plus, there’s a snap closure for adjusting the snug of the wrist, keeping the wind at bay.

I have tried out these gloves on my smartphone and other touchscreen devices and they actually work quite well, to be honest. Sizing runs a bit small, so order one size larger and you’re good to go. Still, If you are looking for a good looking, multi-purpose, mid warmth glove, this is a very good choice for consideration.

3. LAOWWO Black PU Leather Gloves

 Touchscreen Gloves

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Here’s another option for affordable, good looking faux leather gloves coming from LAOWWO.

The gloves have a unisex design that will go well with both male and female hands. The outside exterior is made using faux leather while the inside is made of nice fur-like material. As a result, these gloves are very comfortable to wear. Although they might not be as warm as regular winter gloves, they are still able to keep your hands warm enough while driving.

It’s also noticeable that the gloves are water-resistant, rather than waterproof. I once put them under running water in the sink and after a while, a bit of water went in through the fingertips of the gloves. They dried pretty easily afterward, though, which is a nice plus.

Speaking of bonuses, the gloves have great touchscreen features on all fingers, though it does require some practice to get used to typing. On the downside, the gloves are only available in one size only, which means it can not fit everyone’s hands. Make sure to carefully measure your hands and check the measurements of the gloves before buying.

I didn’t expect much from these gloves at first, considering the price. However, these gloves definitely surprised me with their quality and look. Definitely worth taking a look!

4. Pratt and Hart Men’s Police Duty Gloves in Black

 Duty Gloves

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Although these Pratt and Hart black gloves are born to be the ideal gloves for law enforcement professionals, they are multi-purpose gloves for us the commoners.

The gloves are constructed using a thin layer of sheepskin leather, which is very soft. That and the fact that these gloves are unlined make these gloves one of the thinnest gloves I’ve ever owned. Indeed, these gloves have a surprising level of tactile feel, allowing for manipulating small tools like flashlight and clip knife, flipping through my wallet and pocket change or using basic touchscreen functions with ease. On the flip side, these gloves might not hold up against needles or cutting utensils.

Due to their thinness and dexterity, these gloves have been trusted by police officers for pat-downs or patrols. Personally, I always turn to these gloves for driving or riding in warm weather. At first, they did take a little work to put on and off but would become easier after some break-in period. As with unlined leather, there will be black stains, or excess polish, left on your hands for the first few years. If it’s too bothersome, try turning the gloves inside out, wash them in cool water, and air dry.

One tiny area of improvement would be to make the wrist a tad longer and less tight. Other than that, these gloves are one of the most tactile gloves you could own at that price. Sizing runs small, so go for at least one size larger than normal.

5. Medieval Gauntlet Leather Cosplay Gloves Long arm Cuff

Cosplay Gloves

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Halloween’s around the corner and you Here’s another option for a pair of long white gloves to perfect your cosplay costume.

These gloves are surprising of better quality than expected from the price. Made from nice supple sheep leather, these gloves are a great pleasure to wear. They do smell quite a bit, unfortunately, and will require some airing out.

The gauntlets are very well designed with great flared cuffs and look good enough to be used as a costume accent without question. Although I do not use them for daily use, they have worked well and held up nicely for occasional use.

The gloves fit snugly, slightly tight at first but do stretch and conform to your hands after a few wears. No need to worry about the sizing since they run pretty true to size. My only complaint is that the lining tends to pill a bit when your hands get sweaty, which is only a minor and trivial issue.

All things considered, these gloves definitely surpassed my expectation in terms of look, quality and price. Highly recommended!

6. LETHMIK Men’s Gloves Black Knit

Thick Gloves

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It’s hard to find such a well-made, high quality knit gloves at such a price range, so these Lethmik have remained one of my favourite black knit gloves.

To be honest, seeing the price, I was expecting some thin, cheap gloves which wouldn’t last for a month, but what I received was extremely thick and soft gloves. In fact, they are so thick and plush that you won’t be able to text when wearing. They do shed a bit after some use, which is to be expected from this type of gloves. What’s more, the inside is lined with a layer of wool, which feels comfortable and not scratchy.

In terms of warmth, these gloves can withstand in the 32°F and up the weather. They are mildly protective, but not winter gloves, unfortunately. Also, the gloves are neither waterproof nor water-resistant, so I wouldn’t advise using them for shovelling, clearing the windshield or skiing.

The most common issue that many customers have with these gloves is the unpleasant smell that pertains for several days. To solve this problem, you can place the gloves over the heater register or leave them at room temperature and the smell should be gone after 5 days. The key here is to be patient. What’s more, these gloves come in only one size, but I think that they run about a men’s M/L size and don’t stretch too well. Apart from that, these black gloves are surely a great deal.

7. Beechfield Men’s Basic Fingerless Winter Gloves in Black

 Winter Gloves

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If you work in an office and your hands get a bit too cold quite often, these Beechfield gloves can become your life savior.

Having seen the price, I was pleasantly surprised with the gloves upon arrival. These are very soft yet solid, not thin or flimsy gloves, with high quality and nice construction. The body of the gloves is done in a knit stitch, which is flat on the outside but plush on the inside. They are probably twice as thick as other brands and would definitely stand up to outside wear and tear if worn inside a mitten. If these gloves actually had fingertips, the thickness would be a problem but they are perfect this way.

Speaking of fingers, these gloves have extra stitches at the cut-out parts to keep them from fraying with use. The gloves suit my daily use perfectly as I use them for typing indoors in an unheated space, and these allow unrestricted finger movement without interfering with keyboard typing or phone using at all.

The material is ribbed at the cuffs to provide a comfortable fit. The gloves are available in 2 sizes only and run on the large side with rather long fingers. The small/medium size would fit those with a hand size of 7.5 measured around the knuckle. If you happen to have short fingers or small hands, these gloves might turn out too big for you, so consider carefully before deciding to buy.

Apart than the issue of sizing, these gloves themselves are of very nice quality with the price that can compete with cheap fingerless gloves found anywhere within your locality. These are without a doubt a great deal!

8. Wepop Black Fingerless Faux Leather Gloves for Men

 Driving Gloves

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I wanted to include black gloves of different prices into the list, and these black fingerless gloves belong to the lower, more affordable price level.

With such a price, it would be unrealistic to demand top-notch quality. Still, these gloves have good characteristics that earned them a place on this list. Although these gloves are made from faux leather, they don’t leave any black residue on the hand, which is a concern for cheaper gloves.

The gloves are excellent for driving, as they allow for a secure grip of the steering wheel which can be frigid in the morning while providing enough dexterity for better control. They also protect my hands from the heat-absorbing vehicle and keep my sweaty palms from gumming up the steering wheel. Plus, the fingerless design is also ideal for using touchscreen devices more conveniently.

Besides driving, these gloves will be ideal as a daily wear accessory or an accent for your cosplay costume. They feel comfortable to wear all day and go well with plenty of outfits. I’ll sometimes find my hands to have been sweating a little when taking them off, which I don’t really notice until I actually take them off. Plus, the smell that was mentioned by the manufacturer is minor and is hardly noticeable after a few wears.

On to the drawbacks, these gloves run larger than average, so go one or two sizes smaller when ordering. If you have short fingers or small wrist, you might want to take a look at some other suggestions.

9. Accmor Fingerless Tactical Gloves in Black

Tactical Gloves

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Whether you’re serving in the military, law enforcement or simply want to give your hands special protection while doing outdoor sports and activities, tactical gloves will be your best friend. Here’s my pick for a pair of black tactical gloves from Accmor.

The gloves are well made from breathable and stretchable synthetic materials. I can wear them for 6-7 hours without my hands chafing or drowning in sweat. There are reinforced PU leather patchings to prevent skidding, though they would be more effective for occasional paintballing than heavy-duty activities like weight-lifting.

The knuckles are made using durable Thermal Plastic Rubber and would be nice for any self-defence scenarios while still feel comfortable enough. Plus, there are a lot of air circulations for the gloves, especially at the fingers, making them ideal for biking or doing strenuous sports. However, the knuckles protrude a bit too much, making it difficult to reach for things in the pocket.

The gloves fit snuggly to the hands and the velcro straps help to add some extra locking ability and support for the wrists. One con of using velcro strap, however, is that they wear out easily after about 4 months of using. In terms of size, I would recommend going one size up, since these gloves are a bit tight.

Overall, these are a good and affordable choice to consider if you’re looking for a pair of tactical gloves.

10. ILM Motorcycle Gloves in Black

Tactical Gloves Touchscreen

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I’m not exaggerating when I say that these ILM motorcycle gloves will be the best protection for your hands from the lurking dangers while riding your motorcycle.

First off, these black gloves look pretty awesome with the steel knuckles and paddings. Even with all the armouring, the gloves remain lightweight thanks to a mostly mesh design, which also significantly improves their ventilation, allowing good airflow through so your hands don’t get too sweaty and maintain a good grip. On the downside, such breathability and the fact that they’re not waterproof mean that these are more suitable for as summer gloves than for winter or cold night rides.

As I said above, the design of the armor is not just visually appealing but also functionally useful as well. The little silicone grip lines embedded onto the palm offer just the right amount of tackiness without being obtrusive. Plus, the thumb and index fingers are designed to allow for basic smartphone usage without having to take the gloves off.

The steel knuckles protection is impressively sturdy conforms nicely to my knuckle, allowing for comfortable bending of the finger while offering optimum protection. What’s more, there’s a rugged, hard rubber guard on the lower part of the palm, which can be a bit uncomfortable for long-hour rides but will do an excellent job absorbing the damage that your hands would have taken otherwise taken from the asphalt road in case of an accident.

The size measurement is spot on, maybe just a little bit on the snug side but still comfortable enough. All in all, if you want a pair of gloves that will protect your hands if you fall, you can’t afford to pass up a bargain like these. Nevertheless, even with these gloves, remember to ride safely guys.

11. Burton Men’s Gore-Tex Glove

 Gloves Mens

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The name “Gore-Tex” or “Burton gloves” might sound familiar to you if you’re an avid skier or snowboarder.

Gore-Tex is a type of lightweight, waterproof yet breathable fabric, perfect for use in the snow since you won’t have a feeling of being soaked or heavy from water. Indeed, I have used these gloves for 3 hours without getting cold or wet hands, and even at the end of the season with the wet and slushy snow, they have kept my hands dry and warm. The inside of the gloves has a soft, faux fur-like feeling to them.

These gloves offer ample warmth even on the fingers when the temperature reaches 5°F, even more so when you’re active. Plus, the straps around the wrist help to effectively seal out the cold. There are also other standard designs like the touchscreen capability, pocket zips for warming pads, cords to prevent you from dropping the gloves off the lifts.

In addition, the gloves also come with removable inner gloves liners to provide an extra layer of warmth when the temp drops lower and absorb any sweat when it’s hot. There are rubber grips on the liners for a firmer grip, which, at the same time, make it more difficult to put the gloves on and off. You might need to pinch the tip of the fingers while removing the outside gloves.

On to the negative, I must admit these gloves are rather bulky for texting, but answering a call or switching tracks on the mountain would be of little problem. However, the biggest issue with these gloves is apparently their durability, as there have been several complaints about the stitching coming apart after a period of using.

All things considered, these gloves are an excellent choice for waterproof ski gloves. Regarding the size, try going one size larger to make room for the inside liners.

12. Nike Dura Feel VIII Men’s Golf Glove

Men's Golf Glove

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If you’re somewhat interested in fashion, or sneakers in particular, chances are you have heard of Nike. Nike has gained the trust and love from customers thanks to its stubborn dedication to quality and design. It’s good to know that the company has brought the same quality to their gloves, and these Nike Dura Feel VIII black golf gloves are a great example.

The materials used in the gloves are a combination of synthetic fabric and goatskin leather to create durable and weather-resistant characteristics in the glove. The glove survived fairly wet conditions and are still up and running for another few rounds. There are leather patches on the palm for reinforcement and better grip of the club.

The mesh on the back of the hands can stretch to give a sense of compression and together with the perforations on the fingers, allows great breathability for the hands. What’s more, the fabric used for the fingers is flexible and stretchable in order to accommodate a wide range of motions when playing.

Unless you prefer an extra snug fit, it would be a better idea to order one size up. Plus, there’s a small velcro strap which provides some extra tightness to the glove. Note that the pack only comes in one glove instead of two like regular gloves, though this is pretty common for golf gloves.

One area for improvement would be to use a more durable layer of the leather pad on the palm since it’s prone to wearing out after several intensive uses. All in all, if you’re looking for affordable, well-made, flexible, and comfortable golf gloves, these could very be the one.

For everything, you should know about golf gloves, feel free to check out this article.

Conclusion: I hope the review above has helped to somewhat satisfy your love for black gloves. Thank you for reading.

FAQ’S of best Black Gloves for Men’s

LAOWWO Black PU Calfskin Gloves are waterproof or not?

Gloves are water-safe, instead of waterproof. I once put them under running water in the sink and inevitably, a touch of water went in through the fingertips of the gloves. They dried pretty effectively thereafter, however, which is decent in addition to.

Would I be able to utilize SANKUU Men’s Black PU Cowhide Gloves in a chilly climate?

Cowhide is very meager, the protection is sufficiently thick to stay warm down to around 25°F. These gloves probably won’t be warm enough for chilly climate cycling or riding, yet would be superb for easygoing wear, driving, or lower exercises on a cool day.

Will Pratt and Hart Men’s Police Obligation Gloves in Dark give a material feel?

These gloves have an astounding degree of material feel, considering controlling little apparatuses like an electric lamp and clasp blade, flipping through my wallet and pocket change, or utilizing essential touchscreen capacities easily. On the other side, these gloves probably won’t hold facing needles or cutting utensils.

Would I be able to get a decent nature of Medieval Gauntlet Leather Cosplay Gloves at a low cost?

These gloves are amazing of preferred quality over anticipated from the cost. Produced using decent flexible sheep calfskin, these gloves are an extraordinary delight to wear. They do smell a lot.

Could Beechfield Men’s Essential Fingerless Winter Gloves use for causal works?

The gloves suit me every day use impeccably as using them for composing inside in an unheated space, and these permit unlimited finger development without meddling with console composing or telephone utilizing by any means.

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