Best Black Leather Gloves – To Become A Gentleman

Leather gloves are great in that they provide warmth, are highly dexterous, and create a stylish, gentleman-like look that is irresistible to the ladies. However, there are many things to consider other than looking at the picture and price. You have to take into account the leather and lining type, sizing and fitness, comfort as well as other possible functions.

Among many styles of leather gloves, a black leather one seems to have that peculiar attraction of being simple yet classic, together with a bit of mystery to them. If your wardrobe mostly consists of black, brown, grey, and navy blue, the safest option would be a black pair of leather gloves.

I have saved you the trouble of having to do your own research and come up with a list of what I believe are the best black leather gloves that meet most criteria mentioned above. Let’s dive right in.

1. Elma Men’s Fingerless Driving Unlined Leather Gloves

Unlined Leather Gloves

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Fingerless gloves, besides offering excellent comfort levels, also make your fingers feel at ease compared to other gloves. They are great as driving or motorbike gloves thanks to their excellent grip and maneuverability. If you’re all about that cool and badass look, definitely go for a pair of fingerless leather gloves. And these Elma leather fingerless gloves are among our favorite for good reasons.

First off, the leather is soft and comfortable. The gloves feel pretty lightweight, perfect for one of those days when your steering wheel is too hot. Better yet, I have had no problems of having dye-stained hands from sweating into these gloves, something that I have encountered with several black gloves before. Despite not having cushioned palm, many find the gloves to be comfortable enough for a 12-hour drive on the road.

There’s an elastic band around the bottom for a snug fit while still keep your wrist comfortable at the same time. The construction seems pretty sturdy with no loose stitches or stray threads. Trust me, it is ridiculously hard to find such even and attractive stitching in an affordable pair. The gloves have maintained their look after a year of consistent wearing, and I expect them to last for many years to come.

The only headache that I’ve had with these gloves is the sizing information. The gloves run one to two size smaller than the sizing chart, so if you have rather large hands and don’t like to take risks, there are some other recommendations below that you might want to take a look at.

Still, as I’ve mentioned before, it’s not easy to find a pair of gloves with such quality and at such a price. If you’re on the fence about these gloves, I’d say give them a try.

2. Pratt and Hart Men’s Shorty Leather Driving Gloves (Fingerless)

Leather Driving Gloves

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Besides Elma, Pratt and Hart also has their own line of fingerless leather gloves, whose quality makes them a worthy competitor.

During the fall and winter months, the steering wheel could be quite slippery as the temperature drops, or if you’re like me, gripping the wheel for a long period of time might leave your hands a bit sweaty. With these gloves, your worry of losing control is gone, as the soft leather helps keep a firm grip on the steering wheel. Plus, the cutoff which exposes your fingertips makes it easier for pressing the buttons in the car and provides better dexterity.

The gloves are lightweight and can easily slide on and off when necessary. The thin leather and unlined inside keep the gloves from being too hot, yet still comfortable over long periods in top-down cool driving conditions. The seams are well-stitched and still holding up well after months of being on the road, though I did have to trim a few loose ends, not a really big deal unless you’re picky like me.

One minor issue with these black leather gloves is the bleeding dye for the first one or two weeks. That ‘s not something surprising, though when there’s no layer of lining, and it can be easily removed in 5 seconds under a sink. The gloves do run a tad small, so the company has advised going for one size larger than normal.

Overall, these Pratt and Hart gloves afford a wonderful grip, mobility and ventilation and the price difference is not significant when comparing with the Elma gloves. If you’re looking for an alternative to the latter, definitely check this out.

3. Nappaglo Men’s Fingerless Driving Gloves

Classic Fingerless Gloves

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I first bought these Nappaglo gloves, intending to wear them for fashion and these end up being one of my favorite driving gloves ever.

Made from genuine Nappa leather, which is soft, supple yet durable, the gloves do a great job keeping your hands warm, comfortable and protective especially those with arthritis. They will help relieve the pain caused by the cool air from the car’s air conditioner hitting your fingers on the steering wheel. Plus, the smell of new leather from these gloves is extremely satisfying in a way.

One perk of having fingerless gloves is that you can use touchscreens and capacitative controls without having to struggle like with many full-fingered gloves. What’s more, if you have rather chubby hands that makes it harder to find the best fitted gloves, fingerless gloves like these are the solutions.

Besides functional performance, these gloves scream class and luxury with its Italian design. You will look much cooler wearing these gloves even with your everyday casual outfit. Something to bear in mind, however, is that your hands will be dyed black the first couple times wearing, which is quite normal for unlined leather gloves. Also, as with many other fingerless, get yourself at least one size larger when ordering these gloves for the most comfortable wearing.

Overall, these gloves strike the right balance between the look and the functionality, while keeping the price affordable. What more could you ask more?

4. GSG Men’s Black Leather Fingerless Motorcycle Gloves

Men Fingerless Gloves

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Here’s my last suggestion for a pair of black leather fingerless gloves – the GSG men’s motorcycle gloves.

The gloves are made from high-quality Nappa leather, which is prefered by many for making specialty goods like bags, wallets and of course, gloves. This type of leather is very soft and pliable yet durable and not easily creased or spoiled. It also offers great ventilation, which, together with the knuckle holes, keeps your hand breathable, especially in hot summer days.

The palm of the gloves is reinforced for better protection as well as to provide more comfort to your hand, which is a nice plus if you often have to take long hour drives. The black leather along with the hollow out design with button strap will make you look like a professional motorcycle rider.

No matter which season it is or for whatever purpose, these versatile gloves can be of great use. Driving, cycling, riding a motorcycle or even gaming and cosplaying, you name it. They fit snuggly, have the look and the functionality and are available at a reasonable price. The only thing to bear in mind is to order one size larger and all that’s left to do is put these babies on and hit the road.

If these recommendations for fingerless gloves are not enough to please you,check out this review of my favorite fingerless gloves for more options.

5. MATSU Men Leather Dress Gloves M1066

Dress Leather Gloves

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When it comes to the best black leather gloves in terms of versatility, I always come back to Matsu’s.

The leather is of medium thickness, which, despite not being “work-glove” thick, is not so thin to the point of tearing with normal use. The 100% natural cashmere lining is not as thick as the hundred dollar pairs but certainly not as thin as those cheap knock-offs easily found anywhere nowadays.

For these Matsu gloves, you get every of your penny well spent. They work well, are lightweight, well made and beautiful, not to mention keep my finger toasty down to about 29°F. Below that and I’d go for something more substantial if you’re going to be outdoors for extended periods of time.

Besides being well constructed and comfortable, these gloves can be quite versatile, whether for driving, riding a horse, doing chores or walking the dog. Personally, I enjoy using them in the cold winter mornings to keep my hands warm and supple before work, which requires a lot of keyboarding. These gloves are not touchscreen compatible, however, and would likely be too bulky for accurate typing.

In terms of fitness, these Matsu men’s black leather gloves impress me once again with their highly precise sizing, something not easily found in many brands of gloves these days. And their customer support is like no other, constantly keeping track of their customers for the best possible experience. In short, highly recommended!

Should you decide to be adventurous and try different colors other than black, this article will show you other common or currently-in-style colors for you to choose from.

6. Northstar Mens Black Deerskin Lined with 100 gram 3M Thinsulate 013B

 Black Deerskin

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In terms of keeping warm, these North Star black leather gloves mean business. The full-grain leather is soft, flexible and virtually windproof. And the real star here is the 100gram 3M Thinsulate lining, which is said to be for light activity levels or very cold conditions, while most dress gloves on the market with this type of insulation are only 40 gram. So for a regular dress or driving gloves to wear during fall and winter, you can’t go wrong with these.

Apart from being warm, these gloves are good looking, stylish and above all, comfortable. If you’re a motorcyclist, you know how important it is to have complete control of the handlebars at all time. A poorly-chosen pair of gloves is stiff and hard to conform to a grip, which will soon tire out your hand.

These North Star gloves, however, have just the right weight and length for those chilly mornings without worrying about losing your control over the bike. Even when you’re not on the road, these gloves are great for walks with your dog, or shovelling snow. Plus, the gloves feature a Keystone thumb design, which is the most ergonomic and provides great dexterity.

A few customers, though not all, have complained about the dye from the leather coming off, not only on their hand but anything they touch. Moreover, the sizing is quite small despite the various options ranging from XS to XXXL, and the returning process of the company seems to be rather unreliable. So make sure you order one to two sizes larger.

7. Harrms Touchscreen Italian Nappa Leather Gloves for Men’s

Leather Gloves for Men

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Established in Paris in 1848, Harris has had a long history of making high-quality gloves with excellent craftsmanship. Yes, these gloves are made in China, but before you decide to skip this product upon hearing the words, I am confident to say that these gloves have the same quality as those made in the US or other countries.

Out of the box, these gloves are soft leather that looks much more expensive than their price, and a plush cashmere interior. These gloves will keep you warm enough for typical 30-40°F weather while pumping gas or walking to lunch. They’re a bit thicker than typical driving gloves, but can still be used if you don’t spend much time on the road.

These gloves are among the few ones whose touchscreen function actually works, pretty well in fact. Typical touchscreen gloves have small patches on the thumb and forefinger. These gloves, however, seem to work across the entire surface with reasonable accuracy despite not having any visible metal mesh. They also work on various devices from iPhone, Samsung to iPad, Surface Pro, etc.

Regarding the sizing, I’d say the sizing runs a bit large, so I recommend a size down if you want a more snug grip for more dexterity and better touchscreen use. Plus, the leather will stretch over time and you’ll feel comfortable soon. And the company’s satisfaction guarantee policy is a nice consideration in order to put their customers at ease.

Having owned both relatively expensive and inexpensive gloves, I consider these Harrms black leather gloves a great value for money. But remember to pay attention to the care instruction to make sure they last for a long time for the best experience.

8. Fly Hawk Men’s Touchscreen Nappa Black Leather Gloves

Leather Gloves

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It’s easy to be sceptical about the quality of online products due to their low price, but I can safely say that these Fly Hawk men’s gloves are the exception.

From the package to the inside, they far exceeded my expectations. The leather is as soft as butter and the cashmere lining feels like silk to my hands while being durable. The exterior stitching is top-notch, successful in adding an elegant touch to the whole look. The adjustable strap will come in handy once the gloves are broken in. Even with the straps, the wrist is still quite large, so I wouldn’t suggest these gloves to those with small wrists.

Unlike many gloves whose touch part is the pad of your thumb or index, the touch of these gloves is in the tip of every finger. You need to have your finger at a 90-degree angle to the screen, which might seem counterintuitive, but you’ll get used to it after some practice. The sizing of these gloves is pretty accurate as they are comfortable and fit, well, “like a glove”.

If you’re looking for a pair of winter gloves for sub-zero temperature, these Fly Hawk gloves might not be the one as they only offer adequate warmth. However, for the look and functionality, they deserve a place among the best leather gloves that I have owned.

9. Warmen Men’s Touchscreen Nappa Leather Dress Gloves

Leather Driving Gloves

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These Warmen gloves are another example that breaks the stereotype of products made in China. The leather is soft, pliable with no signs of pinching, tightness or cracking issues. There are 2 options for the lining: either wool and cashmere or fleece, both of which are soft and well-made. If you want some extra warmth for the cold winter, go for the first.

Honestly speaking, these are not the warmest pair of gloves I have owned, still leaving my hands a bit chilly in 15°F weather but enough to protect my hands from the frigid steering wheel. They are more for the mild cold weather of 35°F and up, but not so much for the bitter cold of, say, Nothern Illinois. The adjustable snap also acts as an extra means of proving a tighter seal to keep the wind at bay.

The touchscreen compatibility works better than expected, though not for extended periods of time. The touchscreen fingertips use a material that looks rather similar to the rest of the gloves, as opposed to many others with a cloth tip. As these gloves are relatively thick, you might struggle a bit with texting, though swiping or hitting an icon is completely fine.

People seem to have mixed opinions about the sizing, as some claim the gloves to be true to size, while others wish they had ordered one or two sizes bigger. I personally find the sizing to be quite accurate with a slight snug fit, which actually helps with the touchscreen function.

One area for improvement would be a tighter cuff, since they are a bit large and short, making them fall off easily when handling things. Again, these black leather gloves aren’t designed for long use in frigid temperatures but would be ideal as medium-duty, dress gloves. If that’s what you’re looking for, definitely check these out.

10. Livativ Men’s Sheepskin Leather with 3M Thinsulate Gloves

 Thinsulate Gloves

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Made from smooth and rich leather, these Livative men’s black leather gloves are extremely soft and flexible and will stretch to accommodate your hand. And the 40g of 3M Thinsulate lining provides more warmth and comfort on mildly cold mornings above freezing temperatures. They will keep your hands warm on the freezing steering wheel or in the car while waiting for the heater to crank up.

With such fine workmanship and beautiful sheepskin black leather, these gloves are stylish will look good with both casual and dressy outfits. The cuff is just the right length to keep the wind out, but not too long that it can’t be worn with normal clothing. Plus, they are thin enough to allow for using your hands and fingers freely, such as driving or picking up small items like coins.

These gloves are not touchscreen compatible, unfortunately, though I don’t find that to be much of a big problem. The gloves run true to size, something hard to find in many brands of gloves these days. If you happen to be right on the border of two sizes, go for the larger one and they will fit you snuggly like your second skin. Better yet, the company offers free return should you find the fitting to be off.

The biggest issue with these gloves is the durability and quality of the stitching around the fingers and cuff, though you wouldn’t expect much from such price. Still, these are a very worthwhile purchase of warm and fashionable men’s gloves that should not be overlooked.

11. Fratelli Orsini Everyday Men’s Italian Lambskin Leather Gloves

Leather Gloves

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At Fratelli Orsini every day, you can rest assured the finest leather gloves that meet the standards of high-class Italian brands while doesn’t cost you as much.

These gloves are basically everything a pair of dress gloves should be, with supple and creamy leather together with a soft and warm cashmere lining. I was particularly impressed by how warm these gloves are, considering they are fairly thin compared to synthetic ones. Plus, the leather has that tacky grip that you would want in a good pair of driving gloves.

Besides being warm on the inside, these gloves are sleek looking on the outside with their classic tailoring. These gloves should feature in the pockets of every blazer, topcoat, overcoat, tweed jackets as well as in the glove compartment of your cars. They are not meant for tough tasks, unfortunately, but mainly for casual wearing or driving.

The sizing seems to be quite snug at first especially around the palm, but I find the gloves to stretch out a bit afterwards and fit pretty nicely. However, the cuff is a bit short on the wrist so if you have long hands and fingers, my advice is to go for one size up if you like the gloves to cover your entire wrist. One caveat would be the gloves might get warped by water, so what I did was spraying a protective coating to avoid this in advance.

If you’re sceptical about buying gloves at this price range as a first-time buyer, these gloves are one of your best bet.

12. Harssidanzar Mens Italian Sheepskin Leather Gloves

Leather Gloves

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These Harssidanzar black leather gloves will become the holy grail to the fashionistas wishing to upgrade their everyday lookbook.

The sheepskin leather that made these gloves is silky soft and extremely nice, though a tad on the thin side. Fortunately, the cashmere lining is luxuriously insulating, capable of keeping your hands warm for short travels and walking around town on the chilly days. For scraping ice off your windshield or skiing, however, these might not be your best choice.

These gloves come in a variety of rich color choices, ranging from the classic black and brown to the bold brandy or tan. If your wardrobe mainly consists of the standard blacks, blues, and greys, I would without a doubt suggest a black pair of gloves. They are classic, timeless and you simply can’t go wrong in matching them.

It’s not every day that I find such a nice-fitting pair of gloves, especially after some time of stretching. However, as I have always advised, choose one size larger than normal. The gloves also come with a nice plastic sleeve so that you have a place to keep them when not in use. If you’re looking for a stylish looking pair of gloves for the mild winter, these Harssidanzar gloves won’t disappoint.

13. Mio Marino Luxury Napa Leather Winter Gloves for Men

Leather Winter Gloves

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Chances are you have heard of Mio Marino for their leather shoes, funky socks and designer belts. It’s also worth to know that they also offer high-quality leather gloves at an affordable price.

Just as with Mio Marino’s other products, you can rest assured on the quality of their leather. The gloves are made from soft and fine Napa leather that has just the right amount of sheen to it. The black colour is perfectly even with no signs of blemishes, it’s hard to believe such high-quality material is sold at such a price.

There’s a thin faux fur lining, which makes them look sleek without being too bulky that could hamper your movement. I actually find this lining to be somewhat warmer than thicker knit or fleece, as these gloves have kept my hand nice and warm in 4°F weather, though probably not in sub-zero temps. Plus, the elasticized wrist will hug your hand more snuggly and help to keep out the freezing wind.

Not only do these gloves provide a level of protection from the cold, but they also look very sharp and dressy to be worn with business attire. As they offer a great tactile sensation, they would also be ideal for running errands or walking your dog. What’s more, the touchscreen function makes these gloves more convenient to wear while driving as you don’t have to take them out and put back on every time you want to use the phone.

It’s worth noticing that these gloves run a bit small for size, so go for one size larger when ordering. Don’t panic if you find them to be a bit tight at first because leather does stretch over time. And if you prefer that super tight fit for a tactile feel, feel free to pick the real size and let the leather does its magic.

In terms of design and functionality, these Mio Marino gloves deserve to be one of the best recommendations for men’s black leather gloves. To top it off, the gloves come in a beautiful, luxurious package perfect for giveaways and the customer service is an extra reason to go for this product.

14. Pratt and Hart Men’s Deerskin Leather Driving Gloves

Deerskin Driving Gloves

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For a good pair of black leather driving gloves, these Pratt and Hart gloves earn a well-deserved place on my list.

The deerskin is remarkably soft and supple with a silky feel on the outside and a fine suede texture on the inside. Deerskin is also known for its great abrasion resistance, making it more durable than other types of leather. Plus, this type of leather will stay warmer in cold weather and vice versa, making it a great “all-season” go-to.

When it comes to driving, deerskin is simply perfect for the strong grip on rubber or hard plastic steering wheels. It also protects your hand from that annoying feeling of having to hold a cold wheel. The unlined design allows for an easy feel of the wheel as if you’re not wearing any gloves. There are vent holes along the back of each finger, allowing your hand to breathe especially on long rides.

The construction quality seems pretty impressive. The stitching is precise, uniform and well finished particularly the zigzag stitching on the wrist that conceals the elastic band. The velcro closure, despite being somewhat easier to use, can collect dirt over time and reduce the overall style and quality. One drawback to these gloves is the suede inside shedding little flecks that stick to my hands and then transfer to the car surfaces.

The sizing is pretty accurate, though a bit tight. No need to worry because deerskin will stretch and become your second skin in no time. In short, one of my favourite driving gloves!

If you’re an avid traveller who spends most of your time on the road or happens to know one, you might be interested to check out this article for a better understanding of driving gloves.

Whether you’re looking for affordable dress gloves for everyday travelling, a pair of driving gloves or a fashion statement, I hope you will find one that meets your needs from the suggestions above.

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