Best Cycling Gloves For Men’s

Whether you’re a bicycle commuter, a racer, planning for a long cycling trip for the summer or any activity that involves significant time on the bike, you might want to take some time choosing the right pair of cycling gloves for the safest and most enjoyable experience.

A good pair of cycling gloves provide a great grip on the handlebars, reduces hand irritation as well as pressure on your wrist. There are a few things you need to know when choosing the ideal pair of gloves.

  • Grip and dexterity: Make sure your gloves give you complete control over the handlebar without having to exert too much force. Look for silicone grips, tacky surface or any grip strengthening augmentation.
  • Padding: This feature will do wonders in reducing hand soreness. Make sure your gloves have the right amount of paddings without hindering your grip and movements.
  • Breathability: A good pair of gloves should be able to prevent sweat build-up, regardless of the weather condition.
  • Weather condition: You might need different gloves for summer and winter. Summer cycling gloves should be breathable and thin as well as being heat resistant so as not to melt on your handlebar. For winter cycling gloves, on the other hand, you should pay attention to their insulation, water-resistance and windproof feature.
  • Fit and sizing

Sounds complicated, isn’t it? That’s why I’ve done all the hard work for you and come up with this list of what I think are the best cycling gloves with different features that might meet your needs. Let’s begin!

Best Cycling Gloves For Men’s


HTZPLOO Bike Gloves

HTZPLOO Half Finger Mountain Biking Gloves
  • Brand: HTZPLOO
  • Size: Available all
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INBIKE Cycling Gloves INBIKE Fingerless Cycling Gloves
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: Available all
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Windproof Gel Bike Gloves
INBIKE Men’s Gel Bike Gloves
  • Colour: Blue & Black
  • Sport Type: Cycling
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Finger Short Gloves GEARONIC TM Half Finger Gloves
  • Material: Suede
  • Size: Available all
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LuxoBike Cycling Gloves

LUXOBIKE Cycling Gloves
  • Brand: LUXOBIKE
  • Colour: Black – Half Finger
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Cool Change Cycling Gloves COOL CHANGE Half Finger Gloves
  • Brand: COOL CHANGE
  • Size: Available all
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Dirt Bike Gloves

SEIBERTRON Dirtpaw Gloves
  • Material: Spandex, Silicone
  • Colour: Black
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Winter Thermal Gloves OZERO Men’s Winter Gloves
  • Brand: OZERO
  • Size: Available all
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Arltb Bike Gloves

ARLTB Winter Cycling Gloves
  • Brand: ARLTB
  • Colour: Black & Red
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Breathable Thermal Gloves DEXSHELL Waterproof Thermal Gloves
  • Manufacturer: Unwise Ltd
  • Size: Available all
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1. HTZPLOO Half Finger Mountain Biking Gloves for Men

HTZPLOO Bike Gloves

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For the first recommendation on the list, these HTZPLOO gloves immediately came to mind, and you’ll understand why shortly.

Besides their great look, these gloves are nicely made with soft and stretchy fabric on top and soft suede-like material on the palm. The “crackle pattern” on the palm is a tacky rubbery material that grips excellently. One special feature about these gloves that apparently a lot of people love is the set of loops between the fingers for taking the gloves off with ease. However, should you find them to get caught on things too easily, they can be easily cut off.

There are paddings on the palm, which do wonders for reducing the vibrations from the handlebars and reducing wrist strain. I have worn these riding on a range of conditions from blacktop to dirt roads, to trails in the woods, and these gloves have helped keep my hands comfortable and prevent rubs from the handlebars and shifters. The paddings are a bit thick, however, and might require you to ride with them for a few times before they break in and loosen up a little.

One word of notice is that while these gloves have excellent padding around the edges of the palm, they have no padding in the middle. This works great for riding with your hands on the drops of the handlebars, where you tend to rest your weight mostly on the edge of the hand, but if you have straight bars or like to ride with your hands up above the brake hoods and rest your weight on the middle of your palms, you might find your wrist to be sore afterwards.

All things aside, these gloves are my go-to’s for mountain cycling, just make sure to be wary of the padding and style and consider how you like to rest your weight while riding before choosing. Sizing runs a tad large, so go one size smaller.

2. INBIKE Fingerless Cycling Gloves Men

INBIKE Cycling Gloves

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These INBIKE cycling gloves could be a solution to those who suffer from painful hands while cycling.

How can these gloves help? Thanks to the thick and large pads, which are made of dense and soft cell foam. The padding is located in the optimal location across the full width of the palm and heel of the hand, meaning the weight of the hand will be distributed across a larger area. So with softer paddings and better weight distribution, you can rest assured there will be no numbness or tingling sensation on a 20-mile ride.

Made in China, these gloves aren’t made like a Ferrari’s leather upholstery, as with all bike gloves, but still seems to be put together well enough to last for about 2-3 months (2000 miles). While the palm is made from tougher fabric, the back is constructed using mesh for a nice level of breathability. Plus, the back of the thumb uses terry cloth, which comes in handy whenever I want to wipe off the sweat

They are light-weight and comfortable while still offering a great grip, preventing my hands from slipping off the handle even when they’re sweaty or relatively wet. And the fact that they are fingerless gloves means you will have more control over the vehicle.

The size provided by the company is pretty accurate with a rather relaxed fit. One problem that has been raised by a good few customers is the big and rather clunky closure tab, and whether it’s actually necessary at all. Other than that, these are without a doubt at the top places of my list of bike gloves.

3. INBIKE Men’s Gel Bike Gloves

Windproof Gel Bike Gloves

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For those of you who prefer full-fledged gloves over fingerless ones, INBIKE is already one step ahead.

Just like the previous, these gloves look nice in terms of visual design and are well constructed. There’s a warm liner inside the outer shell, yet the liner doesn’t seem to be connected to the exterior at the fingertips. In other words, the liner tends to get pulled out when you remove the gloves and is difficult to get back in afterwards. So, if you have a habit of taking your gloves off other frequently, you might want to reconsider this.

Another thing to consider is that although the word “waterproof” is printed onto the gloves, they are actually not waterproof. The outer material is a little resistant against light rain and snow, but heavy downpour and your hands will get soaked. I think they might have miss-printed the word, as it should have been “windproof” as stated in the description.

Speaking of windproof, they have kept my hands warm in 40°F to 50°F weather for 1 whole hour outside. Despite being relatively warm, these gloves are not too bulky, allowing for braking or shifting, or as simple as pulling keys out of my pockets with ease. They even have extra padding on the palms and some extra material on the wrist side to cover the edge of your sleeves.

There have been mixed opinions about the touchscreen feature of the gloves, as some gloves’ work while others don’t. For my case, however, I was able to unlock my phone, opened apps and took pictures, but not for typing though.

There was a sizing chart attached to the gloves upon arrival, which would have been nice to have at the time of ordering. So here’s a sizing chart for those who need it.

S 17-19.5 cm (6.5-7.5 in)
M 19.5-21.5 cm (7.5-8.5 in)
L 21.5-23 cm (8.5-9 in)
XL 23-24.5 cm (9-9.5 in)
XXL 24.5-26 cm (9.5-10.25 in)

If you’re in between two sizes, like me, you might want to opt for the larger one. They fit great, slightly loose which keep your hands somewhat warmer. Overall, for such a price range, I wouldn’t ask for more.

4. GEARONIC TM Half Finger Cycling Gloves

Finger Short Gloves

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These Gearonic gloves will make a more affordable alternative for fingerless bike gloves.

The gloves are lightweight, thin and comfortable as they should be. The top side is made using nylon, which is thin and airy for the summer heat, while the padded inside offers just the right protection without being bulky and has enough “grip” to easily propel the push rims. The material around the outer thumb area is softer and thicker, perfect for wiping sweat.

The cuffs of these gloves are short enough that they don’t hit the buttons on my watch when I bend my wrist, which is a nice plus. They don’t have loops to assist in removal, which is actually better since that could be a potential hazard when handling certain gears. Also, they are quite durable and can last approximately 4 months if used properly.

In terms of size, these gloves lean towards the small side, so go one size larger and you’re good to go. There have been some concerns, however, about the size and placement of the gel pads, as some customers complained that they are placed too far away from each other, offering little support when gripping the handle. This is not necessarily true in my case, as they are sufficient to ride comfortably without fatigue in my hands.

All things considered; these gloves are probably the best choice for cycling gloves at this price range. Definitely worth taking a look!

5. LUXOBIKE Cycling Gloves Half Finger for Men

LuxoBike Cycling Gloves

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For those who have to constantly deal with cramping, numbness and fatigue, these LuxoBike gloves will become your saviour.

The mesh material on the back is breathable and comfortable, and the palm has a soft suede-like feel with ample padding, so the brand did use some scotch guard to protect the fabric. However, these gloves tend to become slippery and move around when you start sweating through them. So, if you’re not a heavy sweater, they’ll probably be fine. Plus, these gloves also have a sweat wipe cloth on the back of both thumbs.

The gloves have pull hoops for easy removal, which are functional and extremely convenient. While the paddings on the palm are not the thickest I’ve owned, they are placed in the right place and distribute the force of the handlebar across a wider area of your palm. These gloves have made the riding experience much more bearable, greatly reducing the tingling as the result of constant vibration.

There’s hardly anything to complain about these gloves as you get every penny spent well-worth. Plus, they run true to size. Can’t ask for anything more!

6. COOL CHANGE Mountain Bike Half Finger Gloves for Men

Cool Change Cycling Gloves

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These cycling gloves from Cool Change are one of my all-time favourites for good reasons.

The gloves are nicely sewn with tough, reinforced seams and no signs of loose threads anywhere. The fabric on the back of the hand is thin, breathable and water-resistant, while the synthetic leather palm is soft to the touch yet still provides great grip.

There are three gel cushions sewn in to protect your hands in case of an accident. The paddings are not too bulky and sit in the right spots to prevent numb hands while riding, especially the one that protects the upper edge of the palm near the base of the fingers.

My favorite feature about these gloves is the pull tabs on the two middle fingers. These are nice, sturdy and make it easier to pull the gloves off without worrying about ripping the stitching. Plus, they are somewhat safer than the string loops, which might get caught in your gear.

As far as sizing is concerned, my advice is to follow the guidelines provided by the manufacturer and they will fit nicely. You can also loosen them a bit with the Velcro straps, especially toward the end of the ride when your hands start to swell a little.

Again, it’s hard to find anything to dislike about these gloves. They look, feel and work much better than their expected from the price. A great bargain indeed!

7. SEIBERTRON Dirtpaw Mountain Bike Full Finger Glove

Dirt Bike Gloves

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These Seibertron Dirtpaw gloves are meant for those who would love a pair of Fox Dirtpaw but at half of the price.

The gloves have a lightweight design and are made using breathable, stretchy material. They are ideal summer gloves as they do allow a fair amount of airflow so your hands don’t get too sweaty in the 90°F. In temperatures less than 65 degrees, however, you might want to get another pair of warmer gloves.

Although they aren’t pre-curved as many riding gloves are, I still found them to be a comfort to wear and provide a good grip. In terms of protection, I would put them between the stadium and adventure. If you fall on hardpack or rocks, they won’t provide the protection and enduro glove will. On the other hand, the plastic knuckles gloves would be great for relaxed cruising and will protect from most of the wind and small debris like sand, small rocks or driving through bushes.

Despite having a velcro wrist strap for a nice tight fit, these gloves can be quite large for their size, so remember to go one size down from the measurement chart. One issue with the velcro, though, is that it may stick to the fabric of the gloves, causing it to be frayed if you’re not careful. Furthermore, you shouldn’t expect the same durability of the Fox Dirtpaw for these Seibertron gloves, considering the difference in price.

Still, these gloves are a great, more economical alternative for mountain bike gloves that is almost the same in terms of functionality. Highly recommended!

8. OZERO Men’s Winter Gloves for Cycling

Winter Thermal Gloves

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Cycling in the cold winter is not only uncomfortable but can actually be dangerous for you and your hands. That’s why you should consider getting yourself a pair of winter cycling gloves, like these Ozero gloves for example.

First off, these gloves look nice and the colour combination is very attractive as well. The inside is soft and provides just the right amount of insulation for temperatures in the 30s. The little rubber on the palm gives the gloves a good grip, which is great for cycling as I can feel secure on my handlebars. However, they don’t have the right padding for the bent-over road biking riding, especially on longer rides.

The gloves are slightly water-resistant, allowing for cycling in the light rain. They also keep the wind out pretty well with the help of the long elastic cuff. The touchscreen pads on the index and thumb work relatively well and the tips are formed pretty nicely for a precise touching, allowing me to stop and use my phone without having to take the gloves off. However, these pads are not water-resistant and can quickly soak up the water.

The gloves run small, so order one size larger than you’d normally wear. If you’re looking for a lightweight, flexible pair of cycling gloves for the mild winter, definitely take a look at these gloves. For waterproof gloves, though, scroll down for some other suggestions.

9. ARLTB Winter Cycling Gloves

Arltb Bike Gloves

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These Arltb gloves are designed as multi-sport gloves but can work especially well as the cycling gloves. They are well – constructed, nice looking and functional, not to mention affordable.

The material is thin and breathable, which quickly absorb the sweat to give you a cool riding experience. The paddings are adequately located for handlebar support, without being over the top or too bulky. The thumb and index fingers actually allow for using the touchscreen, which is a nice plus.

The gloves breathe pretty well and can keep your hands from getting sweaty. On the other hand, however, these gloves are only ideal for the mild winter of 40°F, which is pretty impressive for just one layer of synthetic fabric. The thumb of these gloves is made out of terry cloth for you to wipe sweat without causing your gloves to become slick.

Sizing runs a tad small, so I would advise going one size down, and they will slightly stretch out to become the second layer of your skin. One caveat is that these gloves might not be the most durable when it comes to extreme riding with constant sweating and washing, as they can last for about a couple of months. In such case, probably more hardcore, rugged pair of gloves that can last the abuse will be a better investment.

10. DEXSHELL Waterproof Thermal Gloves

Breathable Thermal Gloves

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These DexShell waterproof cycling gloves have proven that waterproof winter gloves can also be lightweight, non-bulky and unrestrictive.

At first glance, the gloves look knitted but are in fact constructed from 3 layers, with two drip-dry outer layers and a waterproof, breathable membrane in between. The inside is a merino wool lining, which takes advantage of the natural insulation ability of wool.

The palm of the gloves has silicone cover for a better grip. Unlike many cycling gloves, these DexShell decided to exclude additional paddings from the palm for an easier grip of the handlebar. They do have the touchscreen feature integrated to the thumb and index finger.

I decided to test out these the “waterproof” and “thermal” claim of these gloves by wearing them in near-zero temperatures and riding in very wet conditions. I did struggle a bit with the near-freezing conditions, but they managed to keep my hands snug and dry for a long time. When they eventually become saturated, the water was almost unnoticeable and I was still warm by the end. Thanks to their stretchiness, I was able to scrunch my hands up inside the gloves to help get the circulation going again, and the extra-long cuffs definitely added some nice warmth as well.

They do cost more than other gloves in the list but considering such quality, I wouldn’t mind getting another one for myself!

Conclusion: So that’s the end of the list! Hope you’ve found for yourself the “perfect cycling gloves” that suit your needs so that your upcoming journey can be safer and more enjoyable.

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