Best Deerskin Gloves for Men’s

Besides cowhide, deerskin is another popular material chosen to make gloves. However, deerskin is different from the former in that it’s softer yet thicker, not to mention highly supple and flexible. Moreover, deerskin doesn’t stiffen up after soaking in sweat or water, making it ideal for making work or riding gloves.

There are a few things to look for in a good pair of deerskin gloves: leather quality, functionality, fit and dexterity, etc. After testing and experimenting, I have come up with a few pairs that meet most of the requirements above. Let’s dive right in.

Best Deerskin Gloves for Men



Dress Leather Gloves

MATSU Deerskin Dress Gloves
  • Brand: Matsu Gloves
  • Weight: 0.32 Ounces
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Gauntlet Gloves Milwaukee Leather Deerskin Gauntlet Gloves
  • Brand: Carhartt
  • Size: Available all
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Deerskin Motorcycle Glove
Bear Wallow Glove Deerskin Motorcycle Gloves
  • Brand: NSZ
  • Size: Available all
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Black Deerskin Gloves Bear Wallow Glove Deerskin Gloves
  • Brand: Bear Wallow Glove company
  • Size: Available all
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Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves

Xelement XG852  Deerskin Gloves
  • Manufacturer: Xelement
  • Size: Available all
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Deer Skin Fingerless Gloves Shaf International Deerskin Fingerless Gloves
  • Brand: Shaf International
  • Size: Available all
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Unlined Driving Gloves

Hot Leathers Deerskin Driving Gloves
  • Manufacturer: Hot Leathers
  • Size: Available all
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Dress Gloves YISEVEN Men’s Deerskin Dress Gloves
  • Department: Men’s
  • Size: Available all
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Warm Work Gloves

SKYDEER Deerskin Work Gloves
  • Material: Full Premium Genuine Deerskin Leather
  • Size: Available all
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DEERSKIN LEATHER WORK GLOVE Midwest Gloves Deerskin Leather Work Gloves
  • Brand: Midwest Gloves & Gear
  • Size: Available all
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 Driver Gloves

Magid Glove & Safety Deerskin Gloves
    • Material: Leather
  • Size: Available all
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Deerskin Gloves

Pratt and Hart Deerskin Winter Gloves
  • Brand: Pratt and Hart
  • Size: Available all
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1. MATSU Men’s Deerskin Dress Gloves M1066

Dress Leather Gloves

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For the first recommendation on this list, I want to go for something more versatile and casual for daily use, and these Matsu gloves were the first to come to mind.

The leather that made up the gloves is soft and of medium thickness, perfectly capable of handling multiple daily tasks like driving, horse riding, dog walking or doing chores while keeping your hand relatively warm at the same time. The relatively thin leather also offers such great dexterity and comfort that I sometimes forget I’m wearing one.

The lining of the gloves is mainly cashmere with a bit of wool, which, despite not being so thick as those hundred-dollar pairs, is capable of keeping my hands toasty down to around 29°F. If the temperature drops below that, however, I would advise going for something more insulated and sustainable. Nonetheless, these gloves have a subtle elegance about them that makes them perfect as daily dress gloves.

What’s more, these gloves are among the few brands out there whose sizing is actually precise. Simply follow the sizing chart provided and you’re good to go. And should anything happen, rest assured because Matsu’s customer support will always standby to help.

Regular high-quality deerskin leather gloves with cashmere lining might cost as much as over $100 to own. These Matsu gloves, on the other hand, come very close in terms of quality while consuming much less money.

2. Milwaukee Leather Men’s Deerskin Gauntlet Gloves G317

Gauntlet Gloves

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If you’re a motorcyclist looking for a pair of deerskin motorcycle gloves to protect your hands while still screams personality, you might want to check out these gauntlet gloves from Milwaukee Leather, which would definitely beat any other favorite gloves in the arsenal.

Made from American deerskin leather, these gloves are bound to be pliable and soft. They are also pretty comfortable, which makes wearing them is such a pleasure even for long-hour rides. The gloves do a nice job keeping my hands dry when I happened to run in the rain once, though I wouldn’t be confident enough to claim they’re waterproof.

Despite being rather lightweight, these gloves are able to keep my hands warm on cold rides when the temperature hits 40°F. I was never once tempted to take my hands off the grips and hide them behind the windscreen. If you wish to add a little more warmth to these gloves, one tip is to go for a size larger than you’d normally wear and then get a pair of silk inserts to wear underneath.

Here’s one additional advice on how to wear these gauntlet gloves properly to keep at wind at bay. First, put on your jacket and snug up the wrist. Flip the gauntlets inside-out before putting them on, make sure your fingers are snugged. Lastly, flip the gloves down over the sleeves to create a windproof barrier.

In short, these are a good start for those looking for motorcycle gloves. Highly recommended!

Here’s an article about everything you should know about driving and riding gloves, definitely check it out.

3. Bear Wallow Glove Company Deerskin Motorcycle Gauntlet Gloves

Deerskin Motorcycle Glove

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These gloves from Bear Wallow Glove Company are thick enough to be warm, yet thin enough to allow for better control. If you’re a motorcyclist, you’ll know how exhausting it would be to keep a death grip to hang onto the throttle when wearing thick gloves. These gauntlets do not need a break-in period and I was able to manipulate the controls almost as easily as if I was wearing unlined gloves.

Speaking of lining, these gloves are equipped with 40g of Thinsulate, light enough so that you can feel your grips while still keep them warm at around 30 to 40°F, though not for prolonged riding apparently. Nevertheless, the large cuff does a great job keeping the wind from sneaking in the sleeves. The gloves’ construction makes them easy to slip on and off, which comes in handy when you have to grab something while riding, or using the phone when parking.

There’s a Velcro strap around the wrist to adds a bit snugger to the gloves. However, it would have been better for the company to go for a traditional buckle or quick snap since I suspect Velcro to gather dirt and wear out eventually.

Other than that, there’s little to complain about these gloves. The sizing is pretty accurate and the company goes the extra mile to make sure their customers are satisfied that they’ve had their money well-spent.

4. Bear Wallow Glove Company Deerskin Gloves

Black Deerskin Gloves

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Here’s another product coming from the Bear Wallow Glove Company in case you’re looking for a more compact and versatile pair of driving gloves.

The company is able to maintain the high quality of their leather, which is soft, supple and offers a secure enough grip for driving. An unexpected perk of having these gloves that I have realized after a period of using is that they are soft enough to easily stuff into a coat pocket, thus lessening the chance of leaving them randomly elsewhere and losing them.

In terms of keeping warm, despite the 40g of Thinsulate, I would consider these gloves to be more suitable for cool 30-degree weather. Walking quickly across the parking lot from my office to the car at 15°F got my hand to feel rather chilled. Moreover, the gloves were unable to prevent the cold from the steering wheel to my fingers. Therefore, I mainly turn to these gloves for driving during the early spring and fall the air is still chilly.

Nonetheless, these gloves have a nice appearance for casual wear, making them an ideal pair of dress gloves. Indeed, I wouldn’t advise wearing them for hardcore snow management, shovelling and blowing or any extended outdoor use in the cold and snow.

The sizing is pretty accurate and the leather will stretch to conform to your hand shape. Again, the customer service of Bear Wallow Glove Company doesn’t fail me. If you’re sensitive to strong smells, however, these gloves might not be for you as they have a rather heavy chemical tanning smell. Overall, a great value for your hard-earned money!

5. Xelement XG852 Men’s Deerskin Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves

Gauntlet Motorcycle Gloves

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These Xelement deerskin gloves stand out for their smart design and great quality.

The leather is soft, comfortable yet durable without being bulky like many other pairs of gauntlets these days. The dexterity of the gloves is great, allowing for easy control of the bike. The reinforced palm and fingers also help with absorbing the thumpers handlebar vibrations, preventing your hands from feeling numb, especially in long-hour rides.

The long cuff of the gauntlets is, in fact, removable thanks to a zipper design, making the gloves more versatile and can be worn during cold as well as warm weather. Plus, the inside of the gloves won’t make your hands sweat even when it’s warm. Unfortunately, these zippers are not the strongest and most durable, so try to avoid pulling on the gauntlet to snug them on, or you risk separating them. Instead, use the flap for the gloves or grab inside the gloves themselves.

These gloves are capable of keeping the wind at bay and your hands warm down to around 40°F. At 30°F, your fingers might get a little chilly. And at 20°F air temperature, you might want to get some heated gloves. Of course, their ability to keep warm depends partially on your speed, but I would recommend these gloves for those riding in 40°F and above to properly protect your hands.

The fit is a little snug, so you might want to order one size above what you normally wear.

6. Shaf International Deerskin Fingerless Gloves

Deer Skin Fingerless Gloves

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Deerskin and fingerless gloves seem to be the perfect combo when it comes to motorcycling, and these gloves from Shaf International definitely fit the bill.

The deerskin is soft, comfortable to wear and is able to provide a firm grip, which is essential while riding motorbikes. The gloves are a pleasure to wear right out of the package as they stretch out pretty quickly after wearing for a few times. Plus, they don’t bunch up and cause discomfort while grabbing the handles. There’s no dye bleeding onto your hands after hours of riding, which is a nice bonus.

The stitching is well-made, especially on the palm side. There’s also stitching around the knuckle perforations for that extra durability. The palms are lightly padded with what is more likely a thin foam than the so-claimed gel pad from the manufacturer, so don’t count on them to prevent any potential impact and shock. Nonetheless, these gloves will be able to provide just enough cushion to keep the vibration off of your hands, reducing hand fatigue.

These gloves are a bit on the larger side, and since there’s no measuring chart provided, I’d say go for one size smaller than you would normally wear. My palm measured about 9 ¼ in diameter so I opt for the Medium size and the gloves seem to fit pretty nicely. There’s a Velcro strap that can be used to adjust the fit in case they are a tad larger.

My final verdict? If you’re looking for a really nice pair of fingerless deerskin gloves, these are your ticket. If you want a great padded palm, you might want to keep looking.

7. Hot Leathers Deerskin Unlined Driving Gloves

Unlined Driving Gloves

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For those of you looking for a basic, no-frills pair of driving gloves, these Hot Leathers might meet your needs.

First off, these are well-constructed unlined gloves made from a soft and supple deerskin. The leather started off flexible and requires no break-in period. I have used these gloves in the rain and they still remain soft after drying, which is one of the magic of deerskin. The leather is a bit thin, making them more suitable as summer gloves than winter ones. Plus, thinner gloves also offer a better feeling of controls while riding your bike.

The interior of the gloves, unfortunately, is not as nice. There was too much seam on the inside at the fingertip area, which reduces the level of comfort and fit of these gloves. One tip is to turn the gloves inside out, trim down a bit of leather and they feel much better to wear.

There’s a shirred wrist on each glove to provide some extra level of fit and mobility. These gloves are true to size, which is rare for brands of gloves these days, though some customers, but not all, did complain about the different sizing of each glove in a pair. Nevertheless, these are excellent riding gloves capable of providing the proper fingers coverage, protection and comfort right out of the box.

8. YISEVEN Men’s Deerskin Dress Gloves

Dress Gloves

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With these YISEVEN gloves, you can rest assured that you’re getting good value for your hard-won money.

The deerskin leather is amazingly soft and facilitates your grip as well as maneuvers. The cashmere lining is extremely warm, keeping my hands comfortable from the elements. Moreover, the lining is in a beige-brown color, so no need to worry about your hands showing little black or brown knots after wearing them.

There are 3 choices of color: cognac, dark brown and black. If you’re still in the dark about how to mix and match the cognac gloves, try wearing them with a nice topcoat or trench coat in camel or tan color. The gloves come elegantly boxed, along with a small velvet bag to store them when not in use. They will definitely make a great present for the men in your life.

There’s not much to complain about the fit, except that the length of their fingers is a bit longer compared to the rest of the gloves. So I wouldn’t recommend these gloves for those who happen to have relatively short fingers. Moreover, there seems to be too much leather around the palm, which gives rise to some folds and waves, though it isn’t too big of a deal to me.

9. SKYDEER Deerskin Work Gloves (SD2210)

Warm Work Gloves

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Besides cowhide, deerskin is among the most popular options for making gloves, especially work gloves for their unrivalled softness and toughness as well as breathability. Deerskin also dries soft and flexible after being wet, unlike cowhide which turns stiff over time. And these Skydeer deerskin work gloves are the perfect example of the excellence of this type of leather.

Made from genuine deerskin leather, these gloves are soft like butter and an absolute pleasure to wear. They’re also highly breathable with a moisture-wicking layer inside, which quickly moves your sweat to the outer surface and dries rapidly to avoid saturating the fabric.

Don’t be fooled by their softness, they are actually thick and very tough without being bulky, perfect for using around the house, yard and garden. Rose thorns won’t get through, my hands won’t get blisters from trimming trees, raking and clearing bushes. Avoid sharp points or edges like carpet tack strips, barb wire, sheet metal,… since they might nick, snag and in the worst cases, puncture the leather.

In addition, these work gloves feature an ergonomic Keystone thumb for improved dexterity and a wider range of motion. The double shirred elastic wrist also helps keep the gloves snuggly fit and prevent dirt or debris from entering. Speaking of fitness, these gloves are a bit large for size, so go down one size when ordering. If you happen to have relatively short fingers, you might want to reconsider as they might be too long for you.

If you wish to know more about work gloves- what types of work gloves available or how to maintain them, this article might help.

10. Midwest Gloves Deerskin Leather Work Gloves


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These are one of the highest-quality deerskin gloves that you can own at such a price range.

The deerskin is soft for good dexterity yet stronger and thicker than many other deerskin gloves. There are 2 lining options for you to choose from: Thinsulate lining or unlined, depending on the weather where you live and work. If you want to choose one to use for the whole year, my advice is to go for the unlined ones. In the cold winter, simply layer a thinner layer of wool or cotton gloves and you’re good to go.

For such an affordable price, the construction of these gloves is pretty impressive with their double stitching, even triple stitching where needed. It’s almost a shame that I had to abuse them over the years, for which these gloves have never failed to withstand. With such durability, you can expect these gloves to be ideal for garden work, landscaping, and other mechanic and construction works.

These gloves might be durable, but they’re also really flexible, especially with the Gunn cut and Keystone design. Moreover, these gloves are among the few brands whose sizing is actually accurate. And the price is too much of an attraction to miss.

11. Magid Glove & Safety Men’s Grain Deerskin Driver Gloves

 Driver Gloves

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For light chores or just to provide some hand protection while travelling on the road, these Magid deerskin gloves are among the best for good reasons.

The leather, like that of all other gloves in the list, is soft, pliable and requires no break-in period. They are pretty thin, however, so I wouldn’t use these for a heavy work situation. I have worn these gloves while walking and driving in the winter, trimming roses and raspberry canes as well as handling firewood. With all the abuse, these gloves have lasted for over a year and are still as good as new.

I have also tried these on for motorcycle ride in the chilly morning. The gloves have held up against wind nicely, keeping my hands toasty for the whole ride. They are a bit slippery when I turn the throttle, though it doesn’t bother me that much. However, I wouldn’t say these are the best driving gloves I have owned.

There’s a keystone thumb design for better dexterity and a shirred elastic wrist for more snug. The fit is true to size, so all you have to do is follow the measurement chart. One real gripe that I have is that since these gloves were stapled to the hanger, there were 2 holes in their cuff, which despite not being easily noticeable, is still somewhat annoying.

Nevertheless, these gloves are a real bargain considering their price. If you’re looking for a pair of soft gloves for everyday light works, these might be the ones for you.

12: Pratt and Hart Men’s Deerskin Winter Gloves with Thinsulate Lining

Deerskin Gloves

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Pratt and Hart always strive for the perfect balance between appearance and functionality. Indeed, these deerskin Thinsulate gloves look and feel much more expensive than expected from their price range.

These gloves are made from anything but cheap sheepskin leather. The leather finish is excellent- soft and supple, while the 40g of Thinsulate lining interior is enough to keep your fingers toasty for dog walking in about 10-degree temperature.

These gloves also have a great grip for driving and look classy enough for occasions that require some dressing-ups. I must say, however, that these are not for winter sports or jobs where you have to be outside in frigid temps.

The quality of workmanship is pretty impressive, from the handling of the leather, lining as well as stitching. There’s an elastic band sewn into the leather around the wrist to keep the gloves in place. They would perhaps look a bit better if the elastic were only sewn on the palm side, as the pucker seems to impair the appearance of the backside of the gloves. It might seem minor, but considering that these are dress gloves, such a small change would make a considerable difference to the whole look.

The gloves run true to size, and there is various size range to cater for as many people as possible. The company also offers various choices in colours. If you wish to play safe, go for black and brown as I do. Feeling a bit adventurous? Saddle or tan is the way to go.

In case you need to know more about the special functions of gloves including Thinsulate, check out this article.

From the 12 suggestions above, I hope that you have had the slightest idea of what you need in a pair of deerskin gloves and, even better, found the right ones for you.

best deerskin gloves for men
best deerskin gloves for men

FAQ’s of Best DeerSkin Gloves for Men

What are the qualities of Butter soft Deerskin gloves?

Butter soft Deerskin is normally delicate, agreeable, breathable, and adaptable, with great scraped area obstruction. All material is skin-accommodating and dampness wicking layers inside keep your hands sans sweat.

Are deerskin gloves sturdy?

Made of 100% common deerskin, deerskin work gloves are totally strong and delicate. Truth be told, they are actually what expert use for the greatest strength, toughness, and solace. Improve your work and cultivating experience, secure your hands as experts do.

Can I trust the quality of gloves?

Best Deerskin gloves for men are made of top-notch deerskin, combined into these stunning pair of gloves with the assistance of cutting-edge procedures and technology. These great pair of gloves are cheap and are accessible in different sorts and styles, including:

  • Exemplary driver gloves
  • Bordered
  • Fingerless cowhide gloves
  • Cotton-lined driver Glovers
  • Exemplary gauntlet
  • Deerskin insulating gloves
  • Gel cushion driver
  • Sherpa-lined gloves

Can deer gloves protect hands from water?

These sets of bike gloves are water-safe, and in any event, when it gets wet, it will stay delicate, dissimilar to other calfskin gloves that become dry firm after openness to water. These gloves have regular water-repellant properties that control dampness from entering gin instances of showering or perspiring.

How these gloves are made?

These gloves are handcrafted from the best normal deerskin, bison cloak, and elk. Such excellent materials with cutting edge innovation make these gloves probably the best glove accessible on the lookout. These sorts of gloves are accessible in a few assortments, as recorded beneath.

  • Bordered gauntlet gloves
  • Unlined gauntlet cruiser gloves
  • Polar downy lined gauntlet gloves
  • Exemplary driver gloves

Do these gloves have insulation ability?

The fiber structure of these gloves initiates protecting properties, which keeps them warm in a cool atmosphere and cold in a warm atmosphere. This element of protected elk skin gloves settles on them an ideal all-climate decision.

These gloves offer three periods of wear and can shield you from the most outrageous climatic conditions.

Are these gloves are durable?

Deerskin gloves are made of excellent cowhide, which can withstand downpour and outrageous temperature. They can withstand strong washing too, and all you require to take some mind and dodge them from interacting with drier warmth.

Do cashmere lined deer gloves feel delicate?

Gloves are fixed with top-of-the-line cashmere which is extraordinarily delicate and rich. You will get the worth you paid for. Also, these gloves are lined in beige-earthy colored cashmere, so your hands won’t show little bunches in differentiating colors.

What is touchscreen compatibility?

The gloves use conductive index tips which allow you to send texts, change music and check emails on your morning commute without removing the gloves.

What Are Barbour Newbrough Gloves?

The backside of the gloves are made of thick wool that features a handsome tartan plaid pattern.

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