The Best Of Wool Gloves For Men in 2021

There are good reasons why wool gloves are one of the most long-lived and popular types of gloves for thousands of years.

  • They are undeniably warm and moisture-wicking, which means they do not get wet easily.
  • Good quality wool gloves are elastic, durable, and can withstand years of heavy use.
  • They will make a subtle addition to your outfit as they’re not too much of a statement.

For the above reasons, we have come up with our favourite wool gloves with different characteristics and functions to help navigate your way to your ideal gloves.

Before that, try to determine what you would like to have in a pair of wool gloves, what is your purpose of buying one, your price range and extra requirements if necessary. Now that you’re ready, let’s begin.

The Best Of Wool Gloves


Wool Alpine Gloves

Dachstein Wool Alpine Gloves
  • Brand: Dachstein Woolwear
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SmartWool Liner Glove
  • Brand: SmartWool
  • Size: Available all
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 Wool Knitted Gloves
Bruceriver Men’s Pure Wool Knitted Gloves
  • Brand: Bruceriver
  • Size: Available all
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Knitted Gloves Adorrable Men’s Wool Fingerless Gloves
  • Brand: Adorrable
  • Size: Medium
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Suede Palm Gloves

SK Hat Shop Men’s Half Mitten Wool Gloves
  • Manufacturer: SK-Hat-Shop
  • Size: Available all
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Gripper Glove Fox River Fingerless Gripper Glove
  • Brand: Fox River
  • Department: Women’s
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Fingerless Glove Liner

Minus33 Merino Wool 6610 Fingerless Glove
  • Manufacturer: Minus33 Merino Wool
  • Size: Available all
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Fingerless Ragg Gloves Bruceriver Men’s Wool knitted Fingerless Ragg Gloves
  • Department: Men’s
  • Size: Available all
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Fingerless Glove

Fox River Men’s Fingerless Ragg Glove
  • Manufacturer: Fox River Mills
  • Size: Available all
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 Fingerless Ragg Glove Fox River Fingerless Ragg Glove
  • Brand: Fox River
  • Size: Available all
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Heavyweight Glove

Fox River Four Layer Glove
  • Manufacturer: Fox River Mills
  • Size: Available all
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Blend Gloves

PossumDown Lightweight Blend Gloves
  • Brand: PossumDown
  • Size: Available all
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1. Dachstein Wool wear 100% Austrian Boiled Wool Alpine Gloves

Wool Alpine Gloves

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For the first on the list, I’m confident to introduce these excellent wool gloves from Dachstein Wool wear.

Made from 100% organic boiled wool that is thick and dense, these gloves are super warm and breathable without being itchy or hot and sweaty like many synthetics ones that leave my hands cold and clammy after over-heating. I bike with them daily in the cold upper midwest and the gloves can withstand the single-digit winter while keeping my hands toasty. What’s more, the double cuff covers almost half of my forearms, not a chance of a draft sneaking inside.

The company also offers their gloves in an array of colors from the brightest like neon to the most basic of black or gray. The gloves are available in a wide range of sizes to cater to people of various hand sizes. For the perfect fit without being loose, however, I would suggest sizing down your measurement by half a size.

What makes these gloves stand out from others besides their undeniable quality is the company’s unwavering dedication and excellent customer service in all aspects, such as their wonderful hand-written Thank you card or the beautiful packaging. You can tell that these people take great pride in what they have to offer.

It’s hard to find anything to complain about these gloves. The only negative that I could find in them is that the wool tends to stick to every piece of velcro and get dirty pretty fast if you work with them. Other than that, these gloves are of absolutely unbelievable quality and well worth the price. You sure get what you pay for!

2. SmartWool Liner Glove

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If you’ve ever owned a pair of Smartwool socks, you know you’re up for good things from their liner gloves.

The gloves are a blend of merino wool, which means they don’t really feel wet when you get water on, and acrylic which causes the gloves to dry fast and breathe well. These are perfect for gloves on warmer days down to 23°F as well as liners on cooler days. Either way, your hands will stay warm and dry, whether they’re dealing with moisture from the environment or from sweat.

As liners, these gloves are not meant to keep the wind and dampness out, yet they perform pretty well when used as they were intended. I’ve worn them as a base layer in combination with fleece mittens while running in -20°F weather or with my ski mittens while skiing. Even in subzero temperature, the gloves are able to keep my hands warm for a short time while my mittens were off to use the phone.

Speaking of phone use, these gloves are equipped with touchscreen feature that actually works. I really appreciate how it’s weaved right into the fabric so there are no awkward flat chunks sewn onto the fingers, making it harder to layer the gloves. What I did notice on the gloves, however, is that the seam goes perpendicular to the nail and down to the thumb, making it uncomfortable and somewhat odd to use your thumb on a touch screen.

Some have complained about the gloves not being warm enough, though it’s worth noticing that these are actually liners instead of actual winter gloves. For those living in harsh, sub-zero conditions that need extra protection for their hands, these Smartwool wool gloves are a great companion. Sizing runs true to the measurement chart.

3. Bruceriver Men’s Pure Wool Knitted Gloves

 Wool Knitted Gloves

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Bruceriver has gone to great length to keep your hands warm and protected even in the coldest of winter.

The gloves are made using 100% high-quality wool with 40gram of Thinsulate plus fleece lining to retain your body temperature as much as possible. Wool and fleece are considered one of the warmest materials for gloves and the Thinsulate is known to be twice as warm as any natural material. The lining also adds to the gloves’ thickness, making them bulkier and rather less dexterous than regular wool gloves.

If you value warmth more than flexibility, however, these gloves will please you with their ability to keep your fingers unfrozen. I would highly recommend them to those with poor blood circulation or who can’t endure the cold well. Plus, the gloves come with a nice long cuff for that can be rolled out to cover your jacket sleeve, giving a little more protection higher up on the arm.

To care for the gloves should they get dirty, I would suggest handwashing in warm water using a mild detergent. Leave it in the water for 10 minutes and lay them flat on a surface to dry instead of hanging drying to avoid distorting the shape.

I find the size of the gloves to be quite accurate. Nonetheless, the main issue with these gloves lies in the length of the fingers, which is almost the same on the whole hand even with the thumb and pinky. As a result, there is some extra fabric at the end of the two fingers.

Other than that, these are warm, affordable and high-quality gloves that shouldn’t be overlooked.

4. Adorrable Men’s Wool Fingerless Gloves

Knitted Gloves

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These dual-function wool gloves from Adorable are ideal for those who need warm gloves but still want a certain degree of dexterity and flexibility, especially those who want to add a bit quirkiness into their outfit.

First and most obvious, these gloves do have an interesting and retro look with the different finger colouration. The design seemed odd at first but quickly grew on me. I must admit, though, that the style might not be to everyone’s taste. If you’re like me and looking for something non-mainstream and unique, these gloves will become attractive.

The wool and acrylic combination creates a soft and warm fabric for the gloves and does a good job keeping the cold out despite not being lined. I’ve bought these to use on walks in cold weather of 20°F and my hands remain toasty during the whole journey.

What’s more, the flip-up convertible top combines the best of both fingerless gloves and mittens. The mitten is made thicker than the rest of the gloves to make sure your fingers are protected. And when you need to use your phone or work on the computer, the gloves can also keep your hands relatively warm without having to take them off. Plus, there’s a button to tie down the cover to keep it folded back well.

The gloves might need a wash in cold water and dry to remove the extra lint and fibres. Afterwards, they appear to fit better and snugger on the hand. One thing that a good few customers are unhappy about is the thumb construction, which is exposed at the top with no cover, making it prone to freezing. What I have to fix the problem is to simply tug my thumb inside the mitten and still feel comfortable and warm.

These are not the most high-quality gloves, I have to admit, especially with such a price range. However, for those who adore such a convenient and unique-looking pair of wool gloves, these could become your treasure.

5. SK Hat Shop Men’s Half Mitten Wool Gloves

Suede Palm Gloves

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If you’re interested in such dual-function wool gloves, here’s another, equally worth looking into, suggestion coming from SK Hat Shop.

First off, these are definitely very warm gloves, one of the warmest I’ve owned to be exact. The flip-up cover gets un-velcroed from the back and folds over the fingers easily to become a cozy mitten, and the Thinsulate lining adds more warmth to the gloves. The wrist also unfolds to go up and cover your wrist, keeping the wind from entering and your heat from leaving as much as possible.

At 10°F, these gloves have kept my hands warm enough to not feel miserable and seem to be one of the most wind-resistant gloves I’ve had. Therefore, I would highly recommend these gloves to those whose hands tend to get cold most of the time. It’s worth noticing that with Thinsulate linings, the warmer your fingers are when wearing the gloves, the better the lining will work. If your hands are already cold, try putting the gloves on and into your pockets for a while and they will warm up.

In addition, the thumbs of these gloves are nicely covered for some extra warmth, instead of being exposed like that of the previous Adorable. And the Velcro is sometimes considered more convenient especially by those with arthritis who find it hard to use the button.

The sizing is, most of the time, pretty accurate. The price is definitely attractive for such quality. Highly recommended!

6. Fox River Medium-Weight Fingerless Gripper Glove

Gripper Glove

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Fingerless gloves are great for above-freezing climates when wearing full gloves would be too warm. Plus, they also allow for more convenience when working with smartphones or typing.

As much as wool gloves are warm, they do not necessarily provide a good level of grip for handling objects and especially driving. The good news is these Fox River fingerless wool gloves have offered a simple yet smart solution.

These gloves are made from 85% ragg wool, which is a little rougher and scratchier than merino or alpaca wool. One tip to make the fabric less itchy is to give the gloves a wash prior to using and they should be fine to wear. Nevertheless, the gloves have done a nice job keeping my hands relatively warm even when I get caught in the rain.

What makes these gloves special is the gripper dots across the palm, which add a more secure grip. The dots can help to keep a firm grasp on dog leash when you’re walking the dog or the steering wheel when driving. They also come in handy when you don’t want to accidentally drop your expensive equipment like your phone or camera and are can be safer when you’re working or operating heavy machines. However, since the fabric is a bit thick, you might find it a bit difficult to perform tasks like typing.

The rubber dots are pretty soft and won’t cause any tearing when you’re doing your paper works and moving papers around. The gloves and rubber palm grips can survive the laundry. However, I would suggest hand washing and laying them flat to dry to keep the beads from eventually falling off over time. Also, avoid putting the gloves in the dryer to shrink as this might cause the rubber to melt.

When choosing which size to order, my advice is to step down by one size from your actual measurement for the best fit. The fabric is slightly stretchy and so form well to the hand. Overall, I’m pretty impressed with these gloves, and would not hesitate to purchase another pair, especially when considering the price. Highly recommended!

7. Minus33 Merino Wool 6610 Fingerless Glove Liner

Fingerless Glove Liner

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Here’s another suggestion for fingerless wool gloves coming from Minus33 Merino Wool.

The gloves are claimed to be 90% merino wool with a bit of elastic and nylon to improve their durability and fit. It’s the type of fabric that drys quickly if got wet and is relatively soft and warm without being bulky. The gloves can stand up to extensive use as I have used mine almost daily for 3 years and they have held up pretty nicely.

As the product states, these are glove liner and not a full-fledged one, which means these are not for handling extreme conditions or rough activities like construction or hunting, but more for light to moderate settings. Indeed, the weave of these gloves is not as tight as I would expect, although they are quite warm and comfortable even when used alone in chilly weather.

As winter deepens, you can use them underneath other gloves and with hand warmers. With this combination, I would expect to stay in 0°F temperature for as much as 5 hours. Moreover, the long wristband goes up to the arm and into your coat’s sleeve to block any draft from entering the wrist. These gloves have been a true lifesaver when winter comes.

On the downside, I do notice some fraying at the end of the fingers, although they haven’t fallen apart in any way. What I did was to reinforce them with some stitching and avoid tumble washing to prevent further possible fraying.

The sizing is somewhat on the larger size, so make sure to go for one size smaller than usual. In short, these are lightweight, warm and affordable merino wool gloves. If you’re looking for a fingerless glove liner, definitely check these out.

For more recommendations on fingerless gloves and other types of gloves’ design, this article will tell you everything you need to know.

8. Bruceriver Men’s Wool knitted Fingerless Ragg Gloves with Thinsulate Lining

Fingerless Ragg Gloves

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These Bruceriver wool gloves are perfect for those in need of a pair of warm wool gloves that still allows them to use the phone or driving with convenience.

Made from 50% of ragg wool, which is already pretty warm by itself, together with 40 gram of Thinsulate lining, these gloves are bound to be very warm, comfortable and durable. As a result, they’re best suited for cold weather, so if you’re looking for gloves to wear when it’s just a bit brisk outside, these might become too warm for your liking.

Similar to the Fox River gloves mentioned above, these are also equipped with rubber dotted palm for a better grip while driving. Unfortunately, the dots are not as durable as the gloves themselves, as I have found them to keep falling off after performing heavy-duty tasks like shovelling snow. It would have been nicer to have a more substantial grip coating. Still, that doesn’t change the fact that these are extremely good quality wool gloves.

The downside of being warm and thick is that the gloves are rather bulky and thus, not ideal in situations where dexterity is needed. You might find it quite uncomfortable to wear these while doing any intricate works like typing or office use.

Although these are one-sized gloves, I believe they’re more suitable for average to large hands or those with long digits, as these can be too long for those with short fingers.

All things considered, these gloves are a great deal, judging by their price and quality. If you’re in need of something to fight the freezing cold, these are the ones.

9. Fox River Men’s Mid Weight Fingerless Ragg Glove

Fingerless Glove

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Fox River has been one of my favourite brands in wool gloves, and these fingerless ragg gloves did not disappoint in the slightest.

The gloves are made in the USA with 83% wool content, so you can rest assured on their quality. The gloves are tightly knitted, comfy, a bit on the thick side and are super warm. The edges around the fingers are all well-bound and I expect there to be no zero unravellings through usage and repeated washing. I’ve been wearing them on and off for a few months and have yet to notice any tearing, ripping or loose threads whatsoever.

Again, these gloves are warm- very warm in fact. If warmth is a must for you, then I can’t imagine looking anywhere else. The gloves were able to keep my hands toasty when I spend time outside and the temperature is down to 22°F and also offer a nice length to cover the wrists. Plus, the brownish oatmeal colour appears natural and kind of attractive somehow.

As for the feel, they can be rather scratchy in fact, which is to be expected from this type of wool. However, the situation will eventually become better after a few washes and wears. If they’re too much for you to bear, try taking them off after a while.

About the size and fit of these gloves, I must say they’re pretty bulky especially around the digits. What’s more, try downsizing when you order as these gloves are quite big and baggy if you go along with the actual measurements. Apparently, the main issue with these gloves is with the fit as a number of customers have complained about the gloves being too baggy around the palm. That’s why if you happen to own small hands, you might want to reconsider before buying these gloves.

10. Fox River Fingerless Ragg Glove

 Fingerless Ragg Glove

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Simply stated, there’s hardly any better fingerless wool gloves on the market. These Fox River gloves are made of 85% wool and 15% nylon for stretchability, and are thicker than many other wool gloves of this type.

In addition, they’re by no means flimsily constructed like many fingerless gloves out there since such type of gloves is removed by pulling at the finger opening instead of the fingertips, which makes them prone to fraying or falling apart after extensive use. These Fox River gloves are double stitched so there’s no worry about that, as I have witnessed no pilling or shearing after 5 months of regular use.

Being made from rag wool, the gloves are super warm, breathable, and best of all, still retains warmth when wet. I generally wear them by themselves down to 25°F for a few hours in the elements. The cuffs also extend a good 4 inches past the wrist, providing some extra warmth and comfort.

There’s a problem with rag wool, unfortunately. These gloves have been reported by several customers, though not all, to be itchy and irritating to their skin. If you encounter such an issue, try handwashing them with fabric softener and they will turn softer and comfier. Another tip is to choose one size smaller than regular and you’re good to go.

11. FoxRiver Four Layer Glove

Heavyweight Glove

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If you’ve been looking everywhere for a pair of leather-palm wool gloves that seem to have disappeared for the past 10 years, you’d be glad to know that Fox River still offers these with great quality.

The wool is beautiful and stretchy, so your hands’ blood circulation isn’t restricted and causes an increase in the risk of having cold hands. Plus, the gloves are the perfect mix of materials with the fleece lining to protect the skin from any irritation caused by the ragg wool and keep any water off from your skin. Despite not being 100% windproof, they still offer a big help against windy conditions.

The coolest addition to the whole gloves is probably the deerskin leather palm that helps provide a nice gripping surface without being too stiff, especially when it comes to car doors and steering wheels, store door handles, and packages. Deerskin is known for the wonderful suppleness and dexterity, which keeps the gloves from turning stiff and bulky even with regular use.

As the name suggests, these are 4-layer wool gloves, and the last missing layer is a soft Thinsulate interior. Although the gloves only use a small amount, the difference is pretty significant. Overall, the gloves seem to withstand temperatures down to about 20°F for about 4 hours.

Unfortunately, the warmth of the gloves comes at a cost of dexterity. Since the gloves are very thick, they might not be suitable for tasks that require more skills and finesse. If you’re wearing something tight-fitting, it might not look flattering and might take some effort tucking and sliding to get the gloves to the right position. What’s more, I wouldn’t recommend giving the gloves too much contact with snow, as the melted snow might freeze and ruin the leather.

What I do notice is that the thumbs of the gloves are disproportionally larger and longer than normal, almost as long as the other four. Another caveat to take into consideration is to order one size larger than you would normally order. Nonetheless, if you’re going for something exceptionally warm and comfortable, don’t miss out on these ragg wool gloves.

12. PossumDown Lightweight Blend Gloves

Blend Gloves

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The company’s name derives from an animal commonly found in Australia and New Zealand called Brushtail Possum. The creature’s fur has 2 main characteristics that make it stand out – pilling resistant and super warm thanks to the naturally hollow fibers which each act as an insulation bag by itself.

These Possumdown gloves are made using a blend of brushtail possum fur and merino wool for additional durability and have remained one of the warmest, most lightweight gloves ever owned. I have worn the gloves while hiking and they kept my hands warm and comfortable down into the teens, without the slightest feeling of discomfort or itchiness. They also stay warm even when wet and dry quickly afterward.

What’s more, the gloves offer enough dexterity for me to perform most tasks, from tying knots, making the fire to cooking and setting up the tent, etc. Even when the temperature drops further, these gloves can also make awesome glove liners to wear underneath a pair of mittens or ski gloves.

The gloves are available in a wide range of natural colors and sizes to cater to different tastes. Speaking of sizing, the gloves fit a little tight so make sure to go up by one size and you’re good to go. All things considered, these are exceptionally high-quality gloves and well worth every penny spent on them.

Guide to storage and care for wool gloves

Wool gloves are among pieces of clothing that come in contact with various surfaces and substances on a daily basis. Therefore, they need to be cleaned once a month to keep them looking nice and prevent any bacteria from posing a threat to your health. Here’s the proper way to store and wash your wool gloves.

Storage: The gloves should be kept in a well-ventilated space away from potential sources of smoke or unpleasant odors as wool is an easily odor-absorbent material. What’s more, you can place mothball or cedar drawer liners in order to repel months or insects. But remember to not put them directly onto or next to the gloves as they might absorb the scent as well.


  • Put warm water into a basin and add a drop of gentle dish or hand soap.
  • Let the gloves soak for a few minutes for the soap to enter the already moisture-absorbing fabric
  • Drain the water and lay the gloves flat. Use your fingers to gently press out the water instead of twisting or wring them out as that will cause the gloves to warp.
  • Press the excess water out of the gloves with a towel
  • Lay the gloves flat to dry and do not hang the gloves as they will lose their shape.

Conclusion: Wool gloves vary in materials, designs, and styles. Whether you’re looking for warmth, dexterity, or durability, I hope that the review above has helped you with whatever you’re looking for gives you more confidence the next time someone asks for your advice on choosing a pair of wool gloves.

FAQs: of Best Wool Gloves for Men’s

Are these Gloves launderable by hand?

Hand wash in virus water with characteristic cleanser and air-dry level and your Fleece wear item will endure forever.

Are Do these gloves give an agreeable fit?

The fleece gloves close to the skin keep your hands extra warm while the windproof overlay on the pack of the hand keeps any virus air from crawling into the Fleece Liner Gloves.

Would I be able to confide like gloves?

Excellent fleece yarn guarantees the glove of value. Fleece material, More natural, hotter.

Would I be able to blessing fleece gloves to dear ones?

The lightweight flexible plan encourages you to fit better. Consummates for Birthday, Christmas, New Year present to your family and companion. Ideal for climbing, trekking, cycling, chasing driving running, fishing, voyaging, and other external exercises. Simply wear the colder time of year gloves and make the most of your external time.

Are the merino gloves heatproof?

Merino Fleece protects against high temperatures and doesn’t promptly burst into flames. If it does, it self-stifles. At the point when Merino fleece consumes, it doesn’t liquefy and adheres to the skin as engineered textures do.

Will merino gloves oppose scent?

Minus33 Merino Fleece opposes against microorganisms and scent, so foot parasite and the foul smell won’t be an issue while wearing our items. Merino Fleece’s characteristic wicking capacity ingests dampness and deliveries it back into the air.


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