The Warmest Men’s Gloves for Winter in 2021

“Winter is coming”. The fingers are one of the most sensitive body parts to the cold and thus, require special protection from you. If you’re simply running errands around town, taking a short walk, or commuting to work in your car, regular leather or wool gloves might be sufficient. However, for jobs that require spending prolonged periods of time in the freezing cold such as working, skiing or hunting, your hands might need more than that.

With that in mind, I have handpicked what I think are the warmest gloves with different features and which are suitable for various purposes, depending on your needs. Whatever you’re looking for, make sure to determine your priorities, whether it’s purpose, warmth, functionality, dexterity, durability or fit.

Here are the warmest gloves that I have found


OZERO Winter Gloves

OZERO Winter Gloves for Men
  • Brand: Suiteco
  • Size: Available all
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Revolution Gloves Outdoor Research Men’s Revolution Gloves
  • Brand: Outdoor Research
  • black
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Electric Heated Gloves
Savior Heated Gloves
  • Material: Polyester
  • Size: Available all
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Insulated Glove Carhartt Men’s W.B. Insulated Glove
  • Brand: Carhartt
  • Brown/Black
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Insulated Work Glove

Carhartt Cold Snap Work Glove
  • Black/Barley
  • Size: Available all
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Weather Powder Glove Hestra Ski Heli Gloves
  • Brand: Hestra
  • Size: Available all
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Waterproof Ski Gloves

Solaris Men Gloves for Skiing
  • Material: Polyester
  • Black
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Gore-Tex Gloves Dakine Men’s Titan Glove
  • Department: Unisex-adult
  • Size: Available all
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Burton Gore-Tex Gloves

Burton Men’s Gore-Tex Gloves
  • Material: Blend
  • Size: Available all
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Under Glove Burton Baker 2-in-1 Under Gloves
  • Brand: Burton
  • Colour: Bog Heather
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Hunting Gloves

Midwest Gloves & Gear Mossy Weather Gloves
  • Brand: Midwest Gloves & Gear
  • Colour: Brown
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Hot Shot Men's"Predator

Hot Shot Men’s Predator Pop-Top Mitten
  • Brand: Hot Shot
  • Department: Men’s
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1: OZERO Winter Gloves for Men

OZERO Winter Gloves

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When it comes to the warmest work gloves, Ozero never fails to make it to the list.

The inside of these gloves is made of cotton and the back of the hand is polar fleece material for thickness and comfort. Plus, the palm is reinforced with deerskin leather, known for its great grip, breathability and durability. These gloves are also water-resistant, though not completely waterproof. So unless you’re submerged in water or playing with the snow, you should do just fine.

Unlike the company’s claim of being able to keep warmth at -30°F, these gloves are warm down to single digit temperatures as long as you’re moving your fingers and generating body heat. Without moving, your hands can be kept warm at around 20°F.

What I like about these gloves is that they keep my hands as warm as the many bulky gloves I had, yet are much more tactile thanks to the dexterous materials. The leather extends from the palms all the way to the fingertips and provides great a grip on the steering wheel, which is great for driving. What’s more, they have a knit cuff which tucks nicely into the gloves without cramping your hands. This allows the cuff of my jacket to come over the gloves easily.

One room for improvement for the gloves would be to have a touchscreen feature so that I don’t have to take them off whenever I need to use the phone. The sizing is a bit on the large side and the fingers are a touch long, so if you’re in between 2 measurements, go for the smaller size, unless you have longer than average fingers.

Overall, these are flexible, comfortable and relatively warm gloves that are available at a reasonable price range. Highly recommended!

If you wish to know more about how to choose or take care of your work gloves, feel free to take a look at this article.

2: Outdoor Research Men’s Revolution Gloves

Revolution Gloves

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If you’re looking for a pair of warm and durable ski gloves, you shouldn’t overlook these Outdoor Research gloves.

The gloves are constructed using nylon with goat leather palms, making them a pleasure to wear. The leather holds up impressively well with no signs of scratches or marks as a result of holding skis, ski poles or lift handles, etc. The gauntlet design makes them easy to pull on thanks to the pulled look on the inside of each gauntlet. Plus, it’s easy to cinch them close with a quick tug of the strap. They also have a handy-dandy wiping surface on the back of each thumb for the runny nose.

Regarding their ability to keep warm, these gloves would not work for extreme temperatures, but can definitely be good down to 20°F. I once wore them to walk to the store when it was in the teens with wind chill to -2 and my hands were just fine. For longer periods in the cold, you can couple with a pair of liners to increase the warmth. Furthermore, these gloves have decent water-resistance, so you can rest assured about skiing without dumping them.

Despite being a bit bulky, these gloves still offer pretty nice dexterity so that you can ski with no hinder. I have also done snowmobiling and some bike commuting wearing these gloves, both of which the gloves work really well. The sizing runs a tad small, so go for one size larger or even 2 sizes in case you want to add another layer of liners underneath.

One tiny complaint would be that the gauntlet cuffs could be a bit longer to seal around my jacket sleeve. All things aside, these are great ski gloves or winter gloves for the not so harsh weather conditions.

3: Savior Heated Gloves

Electric Heated Gloves

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Sometimes, just regular winter gloves might not be sufficient enough to protect your hands in harsh weather conditions. In those cases, you might want to turn to battery-heated gloves for help. And these Savior heated gloves are among the warmest winter gloves in this category.

Here’s everything you need to know about winter gloves to prepare yourself for the coming frost.

Battery-heated gloves have tiny wires woven in the inside connected to a battery. When the battery is on, the electric current passes through the wires causing them to heat up and provide your hands with more warmth. These are sometimes a better choice than leather or wool gloves when the temperature drops low and are somewhat less bulky than insulated gloves. What’s more, most battery heated gloves have many heat settings to adjust to your desired heat level.

These Savior heated motorcycle gloves are constructed using good quality fabric and material. These gloves are water-resistant to the extent that raindrops or snow would just bead up on the synthetic fabric part of the outer shell and only soak a bit into the leather palm and fingertips, and they can still operate well even then.

The heating quality is pretty impressive. The gloves have kept my hands warm riding the motorcycle at 75mph at 18°F temperature at the medium heat setting. They heat up in a matter of minutes and keep my hands warm for a 10-mile trip. Off the bike, they would work well into single-digit temperature. The heat seems to travel along the back of the hand, to the back of each finger and finally the tip of each finger, keeping my the whole hand somewhat toasty.

The palm and fingertips are soft leather and the fingers are slightly articulated, all of which helps to create a more comfortable grip on your motorcycle’s handlebars. Another nice feature is the touchscreen compatible index fingers, which allows for using your phone without having to take off the gloves. There’s an adjustable wrist band and a pull string to add more snug around the wrist and lower forearm. The gloves also have a longer cuff that can overlap your coat sleeves for some extra warmth.

There are 2 rechargeable Li-ion batteries which take about 2 ½ hours to be fully charged and can last for about 2 to 5 hours on depending on the heat setting. The batteries are small, lightweight and can fit easily into the zippered pocket on the back of the wrist without being too noticeable or obstructive.

On the downside, as the battery compartment is uninsulated, it’s possible that cold weather below 25°F might reduce its longevity by about half an hour. Another thing to bear in mind is that the gloves run a little small, so my advice is to order one size up.

All things aside, if you’ve made up your mind to get a pair of battery-heated gloves, don’t overlook these warmest gloves.

4: Carhartt Men’s W.B. Waterproof Insulated Glove

Insulated Glove

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Carhartt has successfully built a reputation for itself as one of the top brands in winter and work gear, and these gloves are a great example of its quality.

While the outside of the gloves is stout and sturdy, the inside is as soft as melted butter. They are well built and sewn, in addition to being water-resistant against rain and melting snow. The velcro strap and slip tie are useful to keep the hands dry from unwanted snow. Plus, besides quality, these gloves have pretty impressive look compared to regular work gloves, as expected from Carhartt.

In terms of warmth, the gloves have functioned well in the 20-30°F weather. I once rode to work with temperature s in the 30’s and 60mph wind chill in these gloves, and they did keep my hands warm and comfortable. The cinch around the wrist has helped to prevent the wind from creeping into the gloves. I have tried them out in heavy fog and light rain and they did not disappoint.

These gloves are quite thick and bulky and thus, might not be ideal for operating small things well. For handling large pieces of equipment or the buttons and brakes on the motorcycle, they can perform with ease. For light activities like skiing, trekking, driving, walking or simply being outside, these gloves will be perfect as well.

One problem with these gloves is that despite being water-resistant on the outside shell, they are prone to getting damp easily from sweat and takes quite some time to dry out completely. Furthermore, when your hands are not dry, you might find it challenging to put on or take off these gloves without causing the inside lining to stick out.

While the sizing and fit of these gloves are nice and accurate, the throat of the gloves is a tight squeeze, which, although provides an extra level of warmth, makes them slow and hard to get on and off. Overall, these are good quality gloves from Carhartt that won’t disappoint.

5: Carhartt Men’s Cold Snap Insulated Work Gloves

Insulated Work Glove

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Here’s another Carhartt recommendation that deserves a place on this list of warmest gloves.

As always, these gloves are well made and constructed using high-quality materials. And the result is a soft, comfortable pair of gloves that feel like a soft blanket while wearing. They are fairly water-repellent, which is great for working with mud or in the water. The tight slip tie offers a more snug fit and helps keep the wind and cold out.

These gloves are slightly better than their cousin above at keeping warmth, capable of protecting the hands down to near 0°F for several hours. Unfortunately, the insulation, as well as the stitching at the fingers, is not as good as the rest of the hand, making them more vulnerable to the cold compared to the rest of the hand.

Should you have pretty sensitive fingers, you might want to take a look at some of the other suggestions here. If you’re still convinced on getting these gloves, my advice is to layer a pair of glove liners underneath for more protection.

Bulkiness is apparently a big problem with these gloves due to thick insulation. This makes it harder to grip and handle small things or performing tedious tasks. What’s more, removing and inserting my hands would require some extra care to make sure they feel comfortable wearing. For outdoor works like snow blowing, chainsawing, moving branches, collecting and chopping firewood, these would make the ideal pair of winter gloves. As these are bulky gloves, make sure to order one size larger than normal.

6: Hestra Ski Heli Gloves

Weather Powder Glove

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If you’re a ski lover, you must know how important and, at the same time challenging, to find an ideal pair of ski gloves that can keep your hands warm, dry and flexible while being able to withstand the abuse of the sport. Good news is, these Hestra Ski come very close to meeting all the criteria above.

When you put in the gloves, you can tell that these are seriously well-made and durable gloves. The palm is made using goat leather, which is tough and doesn’t require a long break-in period to become fully dexterous. It’s worth noticing that leather is not naturally waterproof and will let water get through eventually given enough wetness.

In addition, leather will require a bit more care than synthetic materials. Remember to rub the Hestra leather balm provided onto the gloves a few times every season to maintain their look, softness and waterproof ability. Don’t panic should you find the leather changes colour to light green, as it would fade and go back to normal eventually.

One special feature of these gloves is the separate liners, which are removable for washing and drying overnight. This also solves the problem of the liners moving around or being pulled out while putting on or taking off the gloves. Plus, the fact that the liners are interchangeable means there is a variety of thickness available to provide you with the desired warmth.

Speaking of warmth, these gloves are one of the warmest gloves and would work best in 15-20°F weather. The huge gauntlet cuff also helps seal over your forearm and jacket cuffs, keeping the wind at bay. Also, the mini-carabiner for connecting the gloves is a small yet brilliant feature for preventing them from falling off the lift in case they are taken off.

The sizing is pretty accurate, so rest assured about following the sizing chart provided by the company. One room for improvement would be to make the palm a different colour from white, as white leather palm will stain easily without constant waxing, especially when it comes to working gloves.

7: Solaris Men Gloves for Skiing

Waterproof Ski Gloves

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When it comes to waterproof ski gloves, these Solari’s gloves are almost unrivalled.

Indeed, they are highly waterproof as I once put them under running water and the water beads just slipped off the gloves. So you can rest assured that the gloves will keep your hands warm during the wet snow and cold water. The cuff can be tightened by the cord, preventing the snow and cold from getting inside. Plus, the inside of the gloves is extremely soft and comfortable for the hands.

There are many features that would make these gloves a great value for your money. First off, there is a zippered pocket on the back of each glove for putting hand warmers, or even your ID and credit cards. What’s more, the thumbs and pointer fingers can work with the touchscreen of your smartphone, which is a convenient feature.

There’s also an anti-lost buckle to prevent from accidentally drop or lose the gloves, as they will always hang onto you. In addition, the little snow wiper which has come in handy more than once whenever I go skiing. Even better, the gloves come with a complimentary face mask to save your face and ears from freezing in the cold.

With 40g of 3M Thinsulate Insulation, these gloves are one of the warmest ski gloves I have ever owned, capable of keeping warm down to the negative degrees. In fact, these gloves are so good at keeping warmth that they might overheat when the temperature reaches 30°F. This is also one issue that several customers have encountered, as their hands tend to sweat profusely, which requires frequent airing out. Furthermore, the tips of the fingers are not as insulating as the rest of the hands, causing them to get cold more easily.

It is advised by the company itself that you should order one, even two sizes up. Still, the quality of these gloves are impressive and well worth every of your penny spent.

Here’s basically everything you need to know about ski gloves- how to choose, maintain and the best brands for ski gloves. Make sure to check it out.

8: Dakine Men’s Titan Gloves

Gore-Tex Gloves

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These Dakine gloves are among my top favourite and warmest gloves for good reasons.

By themselves, the gloves are golden in temperatures from 25-30°F. When worn with the extra liners that were tagged along, however, your hands can be protected down to 20°F and below. The gloves also have zippered pockets on the back to insert hand warmers, in case you’re dealing with really cold weather conditions.

Plus, unlike the outer gloves, the liners have screen conductive tips for smartphones or cameras. I once wore these gloves while mountaineering and was able to take the outer gloves off to rest or take pictures while keeping my hands relatively warm for a short period of time.

If you’re an avid skier, snowboarder or simply someone who enjoys playing in the snow, sledging or tubing, you would love these gloves. They are warm and breathable at the same time so there are no sweaty hands, which is a must for snowboarding. There’s also a convenient rubber goggle scraper on the left glove and a soft nose wipe area on the right. Additionally, the gloves have a lanyard on each glove so you won’t accidentally drop them while sitting on the lift.

Unfortunately, the gloves seem to lack in durability especially at the seam area, according to a few customers. Otherwise, these are great ski gloves that are functional and warm. Make sure to order one size larger for the best fit.

9: Burton Men’s Gore-Tex Glove

Burton Gore-Tex Gloves

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If you’re an avid skier or snowboarder, chances are the name “Gore-Tex” has sparked your interest.

In case you’re new to the term, Gore-Tex is a type of lightweight, waterproof yet breathable fabric. With the Gore-Tex shell, snow is no longer a bother to me as there’s no feeling of being soaked or heavy. The inside of the gloves has a soft, faux fur-like feel to them. What’s more, the gloves also come with inner glove liners that resemble Burton’s PowerStretch liners which would keep your hands warm when it’s cold and absorb any sweat when it’s hot.

The liners have rubber grips to help you handle objects more firmly. At the same time, however, they tend to stick to the inside of the gloves, making it more difficult to put the gloves on and off with ease. One suggestion in that case would be more careful when you’re taking off the gloves, try pinching the tip of the finger, for example.

They’re rated by Burton as being good for “cold” temperatures, but not “very cold” temps. Surprisingly, they actually hold up well in temperatures that reach down to 5F (-15C). Though it is true that for Arctic temps, you’d want better gloves than these. Still, they’re great for pretty much all winter activities.

Despite being quite bulky, the outer gloves still allow for using your phone touch screen though not as easy. Besides that, there are other standard features with pockets for warming pads, ties for tightening and cords to prevent you from accidentally dropping them off the ski lifts.

The biggest issue with these gloves is probably its durability. There have been some complaints about the stitching coming apart after a while, depending on the extent of using. Regarding the size, my advice is to go with the next larger size since the liners would add some bulk to the outer gloves.

All things aside, if you’re looking for a waterproof pair of ski gloves or simply the warmest gloves, these are not something you would want to miss.

10: Burton Baker 2-in-1 Under Gloves Bog Heather Mens

Under Glove

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Here’s another pair of gloves coming from Burton that are less bulky and thick compared to their cousins.

Again, these gloves are well-made with a thick top layer and a great build to withstand rainy and wet weather. They are also very comfortable to wear with great paddings while still maintains a sleek look compared to other bulkier gloves. The touch screen capability is impressive too, as I never had to remove the gloves to use my phone.

Just like the previous Burton gloves, these gloves also come with an extra pair of liners, which are of great quality and substantial enough to be used on their own for warm days. On colder days, you can opt for the outer gloves and both on extra cold days when the temperature drops to 30°F.

In addition, there are pockets big enough for hand warmers and are located in just the right spot the keep the blood circulating. The length of the cuff is also well-thought-of, just long enough to prevent the snow from finding its way into the gloves.

One common issue that several customers complained about is the efficiency of putting the gloves on or taking them off. Removing them does require a certain finesse as the entire liners might come out of the gloves. When that happens, getting the inner liners to line up with each finger can be tedious and cumbersome.

In terms of choosing the right size, as with most gloves with an extra pair of liners, my advice is to go one size larger. Overall, I would recommend these to beginners as they will not break the bank but can still protect you from getting frozen hands.

11: Midwest Gloves & Gear Mossy Oak Cold Weather Hunting Gloves

Hunting Gloves

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Hunting season is around the corner. If you still haven’t found a good pair of decoy gloves, how about taking a look at these from Midwest Gloves & Gear?

These are quite large, gauntlet-style hunting gloves, designed to fit over your jack sleeves with long sleeves, allowing you to work deeper in water. They are very tough and are made for one purpose, to keep your hands warm and dry. Unlike some neoprene gloves I’ve owned in the past, these gloves are waterproof and don’t leak.

They’re indeed a bit too bulky to be used for loading and shooting a gun and they come all the way up to the elbows, which don’t leave you with a full range of motion to handle small items. Instead, they’re made for picking up wet and muddy decoys in freezing cold weather or anything else that doesn’t require much dexterity to do while keeping your hands dry, warm and clean.

To do this, the gloves are heavily insulated throughout the entire gloves with an extra layer of lining, capable of withstanding temperatures in the 30s. What’s more, the outer rubber shell is thick with a rough-textured surface to provide a firmer grip. Besides deploying and retrieving decoys, they’re also great for winter car washes or cleaning up muddy waders and gear when you get home as well, rinsing clean in an instant.

In short, these gloves are built like a tank, oversized and thick, and won’t be ideal for any task requiring fine finger movements. For handling decoys, however, there’s hardly any that can top these warmest hunting gloves in that regard. One caveat is that they come one-sized, which is quite larger than average. So if you have small to medium hands, you might want to reconsider before purchasing these.

12: Hot Shot Men’s Predator Pop-Top Mitten

Hot Shot Men's"Predator

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These Hot Shot hunting gloves are a hybrid of mittens and gloves, combining the warmth of the former and dexterity of the latter.

These gloves appear to be well thought out for use in hunting with extra features such as padded magnets to hold the mitten out of the way when you flip the top off. The reinforced rubber palms come especially in handy when I have to start crawling in the mud or snow. The gloves also work on the smartphone’s screen with both index fingers so that there’s no need to take off the gloves.

The thumb can be popped out of the gloves via a small slit, presumably for texting or using the phone. However, I found this feature to be unnecessary and can actually expose the thumbs to the constant draft, especially when there’s no lining underneath. Therefore, I decided to sew the slits up and the problem is solved.

The gloves can keep warm when the weather is in the 30s, and even come with a zipper pocket to put hand warmers inside in case you need some extra protection. These gloves aren’t exactly waterproof, so I wouldn’t recommend using these for handling decoys. Sizing runs a bit large, so make sure to go one size smaller and you’re good to go.

There is no such thing as the perfect, all-around pair of gloves, but these gloves come pretty close. It all boils down to your personal preferences, purpose and weather conditions. I hope the review has helped you pinpoint the ideal pair of warmest gloves.

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